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Windows  Dag Hanssen
 Dec 26, 1999 19:31 PST 
Merry Christmas to you to Ron and the rest of the gang.
Thanks for expanding on the window subject.
I am fairly happy with "Rhapsody's" windows, they are recently installed
and the boat came with a spare set I found under the V-birth mattresses.
All smoke colored to keep strong sun out. Noticed some cracks around a
few screw holes: Perhaps from improper drilling or flexing of the whole
structure, who knows. Regardless they should last a long time
considering the light duty sailing we do around here, and good awnings
protect most of the windows from the sun whenever the boat is not used.
("Rhapsody" has the plexiglass windows, not sure how thick, and too
lazy to grab a flash light and pair of calipers to go outside and

On the same subject: Portholes in the bow does leak some if not sealed
with silicon and then kept tightly shut.

Again, I have no problems or concerns with the windows on our CSY 33,
just responded to a fellow looking to buy one and he was concererned the
windows being exposed and vulnerable
to breaking or crashing seas.
Perhaps rightly so since quite a few losses have occured from windows
being knocked in and boats flooded as a result, including a 125' motor
yacht in the Mediterian I read about recently, and was not the "Perfect
Storm" story about windows on a fishing boat being shattered from
breaking seas?
Also remember 3000 ton steamers on the Norwegian coast having windows
knocked in and seriously damaged in bad storms.
Don't know if many cruising sailboats have suffered above faith due to
weak windows?

At any rate, Happy New Millennium from Susan and Dag on S/V "Rhapsody",
CSY 33 Extraordinairy.
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