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RE: Test, est, st, t...  David Covert
 Dec 27, 1999 07:33 PST 

Another product you might consider is Lucite SAR. One advantage of Lucite
SAR is that it has a scratch resistant surface made of polysilicate, that
is, instead of using some sort of very thin hard plastic as a scratch
resistant coating (like the MarGard used in Lexan) it uses a layer of glass
a couple of molecules thick. Even tho it is thin, you know how much more
scratch resistant glass is than plastic.

We used 1/2" bronze smoked Lucite SAR as the upper surface of our new
hatches and they have been great. We bought a 4'x10' sheet for only $320
(compare that to 1/2" Lexan) and it came with a product information sheet
describing a scratch resistant test involving steel wool and 40psi rubbing
pressure for something like a minute. Try that on Lexan...

I would have used the Lucite in our salon windows as well if I had known
about it when we replaced them. I will next time for sure...

More info on Lucite SAR...


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From: Dag Hanssen [mailto:TheHan-@sprintmail.com]
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If this get somewhere, let me know. (Change of CSY list server, Y2K and

Big windows on CSY 33:
With the boats being 20 years old or so, most windows are probably
replaced once or twice already.
The stronger replacement would be lexan, the regular strenght
"Rhapsody's" windows are all plexiglass, replaced a few years ago. The
whole design seems pretty sturdy, considering angle, size and location.
Yet, I have never been off-shore in a storm with heavy breaking seas
trying to smash windows and boat to pieces.
Did some back ground checking on CSY 33s before we bought ours: The weak
points, as per previous owners and sailors of the CSY 33 was not
windows, but rather chain plates: They are partly embedded in the hull
and leak salt water from the deck level, causing hidden corrosion over
Before I do my circumnavigation (If ever) I would probably put in Lexan
windows with a couple of bolted on steel bars inside and behind each
window. Also new chain plates and other rigging overhaul.

Happy New Millennium to all of you.

Dag Hanssen, S/V "Rhapsody", CSY 33 extraordinairy

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