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Re: Windows  David Kummerle
 Dec 28, 1999 15:34 PST 
Hi Ron,

As I'm thinking of your response, waiting for my guests to arrive tomorrow
afternoon, I realized that my response was to a 33 questioner. I thought the
number of windows you mention seemed high, but we only have one PH in the area
and I don't see it often or pay much attention to it. Today, returning to Red
Hook, I noticed it down deeper in the bay than where I am, and walked down
there. "Captain Sunshine" has three windows each side of the pilot house and
three in front, a total of nine, none of which seem, from a short distance, to be
more than 12 or 15"x18, and could not possibly take more than 1 1/2 sheets of
plywood to cover. If light is the thing, lexan or whatever instead of plywood
would give that. You may well have some added windows, from an added hardcover?
No matter, Ron. If one is doing LONG offshore passages and all the time, your
ideas are fine. For the trip up and back to the States/Caribbean, one wonders
where one should stop. Lastly, the 33 does not have inside steering, so some one
is going to be on the wheel in the type of weather you/we are referring to. The
auto pilot will not do the trick if it is electric, and maybe not if it is a
Monitor or whatever. As you say, fortunately, each of us is our own

Memor-@aol.com wrote:

 Not scary to me though.
Military vessels meant to play in the roughest waters use windows made by
Freeman Marine. I have been in contact with them many times. Only their
prices scare me.
In vessels our size, with windows of reasonable size, 1/2" is considered well
overbuilt even for offshore. When a breaking wave hits, our vessels will
absorb some of the shock by moving. On a Ship, thicker windows up to an inch
are required for the same span, because the ship does not move-absorb-the
shock. The window has to take the entire load.
Half inch in one of the plastics is not a problem as much as the span
required for the window. Want to get scared? Look at the Panoramic views
from some of the new catamarans sporting 6'x3' acrylic Windows (2) on the
front of their center cabins.
That is scary.
For storm conditions, I have determined that "for Me" dividing the span in
half, with a reinforcement bar to the Reinforced Glass Matrix I have already
guilt around the interior of the windows which will be through bolted, gives
me what I want and demand for offshore safety and traveling convenience. The
Pilothouse windows have many advantages that ports and the WT's side windows
don not give-you can See through them for a 360 degree view of your world.
In a long bout of heavy weather, I wish to use that to my advantage and is
one of the reasons why I bought the Pilothouse version. With the inside
steering station it affords me a comfortable dry place to view the world when
desired. 13 pre made bars to span the windows centerline will divide the
span in half and decrease the possibility of any flex of the windows.
Plexiglas doesn't shatter like tempered glass does when pushed to the limit,
and will maintain its position although a crack from a mounting bolt hole to
the exterior will occur if severe loads allow the center of the window to be
distorted inward, hence the support bar. Carrying 13 large, heavy, pieces of
plywood, cut from almost 2 1/2 sheets of 4'x8' make no sense to me. Besides
the need to preinstall wood shutters before things get dangerous on deck, and
then negating one of my strongest assets of the pilothouse by making it a
claustrophobic dark cave. No thanks, have thought this one out and I will
keep visibility and strength and all my assets.
Anyone else can certainly do what they wish and in the other models of CSY's.
Visibility from the interior for navigation or control was not a
consideration. It was only done for Light.
Ron Sheridan SV Memory Rose, PH#2

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