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windows  Memor-@aol.com
 Dec 28, 1999 18:52 PST 
Hello Dave, Yes, The 44'pilothouses had several window configurations. All had 3 in front. The first PH had 3 on each side, in heavy bronze extrusions. Mine was the 2nd built and ad for on each side and No extrusions-just an overlap and trimed in bronze angle. Have seen several others like this as well as four on the side-in heavy extrusions! Dont know why they changed the #'s around.
On the aft of the pilothouse #1 had full inward opening windows,mine had non opening plexiglass 14x20+/- and others had bronze ports about 8x10". in my case, there is 13 in the pilothouse structure. Allowing the recommended overlap of 1 1/2-2" it'll take a good 2 sheets of 4'x8' ply.
I have been liquidating assets to once again move aboard and cruise. expect to do it for 10-20years, and am building the boat to do anything I or the man upstairs will ask of her. In so doing I am sure I am overdoing it in many ways by more casual standards. If this were not going to be my go anywhere, "almost" anytime boat/home, the standard CSY systems would do just fine.
If I have to redo something on the boat or have a problem to fix, I try to do it in such a way that I can depend on that "fix". In the case of the windows,mine were tired, cracked and crazed/blurred. to take what mother nature throws at you and stll maintain visability and light, I have to address the problem of replacement. I will finish the rebuilding of the windows and its supporting structures to maintain the view afforded by the pilohouse is its design. If windows are fine, then certainly, make some covers if you will only need them once or twice. If your going to need them to cruise or to feel safe, then doing the job right the first time and to high standards seems to make sense to me though.
on another subject, if you have a way of attaching a photo or drawing of your external chain plates or that of Peter's, I'd love to see them.
Best Regards, Ron sheridan, SV Memorirose, PH#2
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