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RE: Perkins 4-236 / Borg-Warner Transmission / 4-blade propeller -  memor-@earthlink.net
 Aug 13, 2007 11:44 PDT 
Hi Jim,
Not to worry too much but yes, those of us that have been around awhile have been and will drop off, for different reasons.   That's life. What IS important, is that good/bad information comes into the site as food for discussion. "Nobody" has "nothing" to say:)

Any serious question usually gets multiple answers, I believe. BS gets hammered ...then all of us are respected- as we should -by answering both ends of the spectrum, thus feeding the site properly.

At 5 years, you certainly know something that somebody else does not, believe me. Ask questions, and try to support others that maybe do not have your confidence in their interpretation of what they are experiencing. go for it. As long as you are polite, no one will ever bark. If they do. others of us will bite:) Overall we are a great bunch.

Hope all is well.

Ron Sheridan
Follow our travels: http://memoryrose.blogspot.com

----- Original Message -----
From: Guthormsen, James
To: penf-@strato.net;cs-@topica.com;Ron Sheridan
Sent: 8/13/2007 10:24:55 AM
Subject: RE: [CSY] Perkins 4-236 / Borg-Warner Transmission / 4-blade propeller -

Iím probably more of a listener that a poster, but Iím still very much of a learner, not a teacher. I do appreciate all the information on this group, and have managed to use some of it.
I do hope that all you guys with all the past knowledge and experience will keep it flowing. We relative new owners need all the help we can get. Iíve owned my 44WT for almost 5 years but I still find new and interesting things about her, and by reading all the e-mails I do learn things, but at my age I donít remember all of them.
Keep up the Good work, we do appreciate it.
Jim Guthormsen
s/v Amata Marie 44wt #34

From: Scott Penfield [mailto:penf-@strato.net]
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2007 7:20 AM
To: cs-@topica.com; penf-@strato.net; Ron Sheridan
Subject: RE: [CSY] Perkins 4-236 / Borg-Warner Transmission / 4-blade propeller -

Good morning Ron,
I agree 100%. I have on occasion met a number of those quiet CSY'ers that have never said a word. I guess the site must offer some sort of entertainment to some. Others actually do some of the stuff on their boats. I had a guy on Morgan sometime in our travels say " I know you - you post stuff on the CSY topica site". It is a great place to get info - especially from folks that have already walked down that road of restoring their boats and have good info to share. Take care

Scott & Gail
Chanticleer WO #134

On Sat Aug 11 16:56 , Ron Sheridan sent:

Hi Scott, Again, where are you?

OK, I will get back to you in a day or 3, as I'm dealing with some
issues for my Dad right now and truly busy.
I 'will' say that yup, I thought you remembered more and did get a bit
personal and sharp...but let's keep in mind...even if you or I do go
there, that if we do it on this site, it should be for the 'benefit of
anyone who has signed up to read this site'. As far as I know there are
238 signed up yet only about 60 fessed up to it when I asked for a roll
call last year. The bottom line I think, should be NOT personal, but
GOOD information for all. Keep it clean, no hitting below the belt,
just good stuff. I'm sure we agree here. This is a "learning site-a
helping hand". Don't think that is available for many boats out there
but ours.
Yes, Keep smiling and stay well,

penf-@strato.net wrote:
Hey man don't take anthing I said personal - it wasn't ment to be that
way. I consider myself completely unqualified to be an expert on this
topic - other than what I have read on this site and read in various
books on the topic and talking with various people that supposedly knew
what they were talking about. Quite frankly there is more contradictory
information than what I would call good factual information.I simply
wanted to know where the info came from so I could go back and re-read
what I obviously missed. Chanticleer is currently am engineless and I
am traveling down the same repowering road as others have - with a thin
wallet and lots of confusing information - so I guess my interest in
this topic is higher than a casual onlooker. The synergy of collective
thought is usually much better than one persons ideas. It is not always
so but most of the time it is. That is why this is a great site to gets
lots of info about lots of CSY related stuff. You want to make it
personal or take it personal it wasn't ment that way at all. Take care
and as you always say keep smiling.Scott


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