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RE: Prop / gear ratio / HP / fuel consumption / speed  Ron Sheridan
 Aug 13, 2007 13:05 PDT 

this was YOUR QUESTION; 4 years ago!

It and others were answered absolutely...in depth.

You asked me not to feel that your blast was personal.

It was a Blast and Yes, it was personal when you say directly, RON!
then challenge the HP statement I made.   YES, it was personal and
Scott, while we remain friends and I hope will, even as a friend, I will
defend all that I have said on this list as all.. was well thought out
and I therefore stand by it all.

Gail D Penfield wrote:
Good evening,
Anyone out there in cyberspace giving this info out to Pete & Don would
please include us in the answer to this post. Chanticleer moves along
4.9 at 1800 RPMs with our Perkins 4-154 and the Borg Warner trany and
5.3 at 2100RPM. I know the ins and outs of certain type props has been
discussed before. Regardless, we would also like to know what kind of
performance others are getting. Thanks
Gail & Scott Penfield
Chanticleer WO 134

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From: Don Stoughton <ddstou-@adelphia.net>
To: pet-@comcast.net <pet-@comcast.net>
Cc: cs-@topica.com <cs-@topica.com>
Date: Wednesday, October 01,:38 AM
Subject: RE: [CSY] Prop / gear ratio / HP / fuel consumption / speed


I'm a little slow in my response, but am very interested in the subject.
My boat is a 44 walkover, hull #114 launched in November 1978. I am the
original owner, but it was in charter service in Tonga for seven years.

The engine is the original Perkins 4-154, rebuilt in 1999.

Unfortunately I don't know the gear ratio since I have lost the original
manual, but the transmission is the original.

The prop is a feathering Maxprop, 3 blade, 24 inch dia., presently
adjusted to a 13 inch pitch.

I cruise at 2100 RPM with a flat water speed of 6.9 knots. Fuel
consumption at cruise speed is approximately 1 gal/hr.

Maximum RPM out of gear is 3000. Max. RPM in gear is 2600. This is of
concern to me, but I have been running it this way for the past two

The flat water speed at Max RPMS (2600) is 7.3 knots.

I will be hauling the boat soon for bottom paint, and am considering
returning the pitch to 11.2 inches to reduce strain on the engine.
Assuming I can thus increase the RPM's under load, and cruise at a
higher RPM while being kinder to the engine. However, will I still get
6.9 knots and use only 1 gal/hr at 2400 RPMS? I love my maxprop for
the feathering under sail and the good bite in reverse, but I wish I had
the new type that can be adjusted underwater. I'm looking forward to the
results of your inquiry, and any experienced advice I can get.

Regards, Don Stoughton "Stargazer"

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From: Pete Schmidt [mailto:pet-@comcast.net]
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003 6:11 PM
To: cs-@topica.com
Subject: [CSY] Prop / gear ratio / HP / fuel consumption / speed

Greetings all,

I dug thru the archives of this list looking (unsuccessfully) for prop
vs. transmission gear ratio and resulting speed and fuel consumption for
CSY44. If folks will reply to me with the following information, I'll
compile and post it in some sort of sumarized table format for all to

Boat name

Engine HP / model
Gear ratio
Prop size (dia x pitch) and type (# blades, fixed/folding/feathering)

Cruise RPM
Cruise speed
Fuel consumption at cruise RPM

Max speed (if you've got it)

CSY44 W/O "Imagine"

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