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Re: Bright Work Recommendations  ghu-@aol.com
 Aug 14, 2007 17:30 PDT 

Hi Peter -

Crossing this bridge myself in a few weeks.? You probably will not need a heat gun to remove the Cetol.? But, heat guns do a fantastic job of removing several layers of thick varnish.? That said, I abandoned my heat gun and opted instead for a chemical stripper.? West Marine used to have an amazing product for this.? However, it is off the market and their replacement is very poor.? Be very careful with either of these options.? The heat gun can cause your deck paint to bubble up.? The chemical strippers will also remove or mess-up any paint they touch.? In our case, we are painting the deck, so we are not concerned about damaging surrounding areas.

If you only have a few remaining streaks of the Cetol, I would suggest that you degrease with an appropriate solvent and then sand.? Vacuum or brush your sanding debris and solvent wipe again.

I am considering putting on 4-6 coats of Interlux Schooner (for a classic appearance) followed by another 3-4 coats of Interlux Goldspar, which is a polyurethane.? The idea is that the poly will provide better UV protection.? Traditional varnishes only will require frequent applications.? I would advise against topping the Schooner with Awlgrip.? I recommend you stick with all products from one manufacturer, and confirm which products can be used with each other.? Surface coatings involve complex chemistry and you can develop problems if you mix up different brands.

I think the best finish is achieved with Epifanes Wood Finish.? However, this is a traditional product and more work than I am prepared to deal with.? (In the tropics, this product would require re-application every three months or so.? Epifanes now also has a couple poly products.? However, I have yet to speak with anyone that has used them.

Of course, I think the intelligent thing to do is seal the wood with epoxy and paint.? However, I am still young and foolish, so I am going to go through the ordeal of developing a beautiful professional finish.? If I can't keep up with it, I will probably let is go gray and natural again and sit around drinking sundowners laughing at the days when I tried to keep it nicely varnished!

I am very interested to hear other responses regarding varnishes and refinishes.? Good luck!

s/v Sundance
CSY44 WO#39

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From: Peter and Jan Hibbard <phib-@gmail.com>
To: cs-@topica.com
Sent: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 6:04 pm
Subject: [CSY] Bright Work Recommendations

Was looking for recommendations for bright work. Mine is a faded grey
with streaks of old Cetol. Was in a boatyard in Pensacola today. They
first strip with a heat gun and or a liquid stripper and then sand.
Their prefernce was to use two coats of sealer (Petit or Interlux), 4-6
coats of Schooner type varnish followed by two coats of Allgrip clear.
They said they get 2 years out of this application. I was wondering what
others are having success with? Has anyone used Bristol? TeQua?


Peter and Jan Hibbard
CSY 37 B "JAZZ" 1978 #006

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