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List Name Cyberspace Society (cyber-soc)
Purpose: **************************************

The Cyberspace Society was formed to counterbalance the power
of the large industry interests in cyberspace. From telephone
deregulation to new on-line service providers such as Microsoft
there are major changes occurring in the ability to access
information, changes in the character of information that will
be accessible, and changes in costs.

There are important public interests at stake and it is
not clear that the market winner(s) in the information
highway sweepstakes will create a world that is kind, virtuous,
and caring.

To some, the lure of the new frontier brings a sense of lawlessness.
Some articles in _Wired Magazine_ suggest cyberspace is a world to
be conquered and used to one's own advantage.

The Cyberspace Society must offer a better response to technological change,
not a new leap backward to the wild west mentality. We should, instead,
work toward liberating the creativity and commitment of all people, and
promote the general welfare of society in deference to selfish postures of
individual pressure groups. This strategy can most likely guide the
technological genius of cyberspace toward unlimited development and
maximum competence.

Original Founders:

W. Curtiss Priest, CITS
Richard K. Moore, Writer
Vigdor Shreibman, FINS Digest



The members of The Society will be given access to the electronic
listserve for the Society. This is currently listserv@LISTSERV.READADP.COM
The list "owner" is currently:

    W. Curtiss Priest <bmslib@mitvma.mit.edu>

Mail for the list is sent to:


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Created: Jul 15, 2000
Owner: Curtiss Priest
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