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List Name Dark Personalities (DP)
Purpose: This is a list about life targeted at multiples (Formerly known by the diagnosis of MPD/DID, though most people here have dropped the diagnostic label. Ask why if you want to know more) as well as multiple-friendly singletypes, and even those on the midcontinuum or those unsure where they fit. It's for those in the online multiple community who do not fit in with the fluffier survivor groups that require splats, spoilers and trigger warnings. This list has NO warnings at all, and new people are sometimes greeted with flames rather than open arms. There are no safety nets on Dark Personalities.

We have a lot of very interesting debates. In the past we have discussed religion, monogamy vs. polyamory, bi, gay and transgendered issues, otherkin in the system (people who are different species from the body they inhabit), origin theories of multiplicity (why do multiples exist?), bloodlust, demons, paganism, sex... all from the perspective of people in multiple systems.

Basically, this list is a place for multiples who want to talk about EVERYTHING, uncensored.

The only rule on this list is no spam. If you spam the list, you will be reported to Topica. If you are not a spammer, then welcome to DP.
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Created: Jul 26, 2000
Owners: Chimera/Numina, MV, Lynn Sappho, hyjinx , chimera/numina
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