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Len's Question  Bobby Matherne
 Jun 13, 2001 14:36 PDT 
Dear Len,

Sorry about the abrupt disconnection and glad to have you back on board.
I've re-activated your status as member of the List and will answer your
question myself briefly. Perhaps others would like to comment.

Len Bleier wrote:

I am sorry, I did not know that that was a rule and my
name has been added on. I would appreciate it if you
would add me back onto your list!!!

Could you still answer my question, how is your
program different from Primal Therapy, Dianetics and
Free Association? Thanks.

My position is Principal Researcher in Doyletics and as such I don't have a
program to sell or promote. What I wish to promote is the understanding of
doyletics as a science. The principles we are coming to understand in
doyletics help us to understand how primal therapies, dianetic therapies
(such as clearing) work.

Those therapies and many others have stumbled over some unique
applications over the years that work for some people and have come up each
with disparate explanations of why their applications or therapies work.
With doyletics we can understand how all these therapies work with one
simple set of hypotheses.

By Occam's Razor alone, doyletics is a great advance of
the state of our knowledge of the human being: it reduces the number of
explanations we have to learn to know why a lot of things work as they do.

With doyletics, we can shed light on autism, phantom leg pain, allergies,
asthma, over-eating, vertigo, and lots of other things that no therapies
would never consider dealing with -- for the simple fact that they are
therapies and folks must bring their problems to them for fixing. With
a speed trace, no one has to go to someone else for help. (Some time it's
helpful to have assistance from some one else to get started, as it was
with Rob whose post I sent to the List just yesterday).

For my part, rather than discuss other therapies vis-a-vis doyletics (which
is a memory technique, rightly understood, not a therapy), I prefer to
spend my time furthering the goals of getting doyletics taught in grade
schools of this century.

But since you asked, Len, I'll give a short answer.

In primal therapies people are taken back to birth and re-live their birth
traumas. In clearing, people are hooked up to machines that register
respiration, heartrate and other physiological responses and they learn
somehow to eliminate responses to stimuli that formerly caused them to
react strongly. When they achieve that result, they are called clear.
That's about the limit of my understanding of what they do -- I'm no expert
on either of those therapies. By free association I would guess you're
talking about Freud's talking therapy. During free association, clearing
and primal therapy we can assume that in the cases where they work the
patients are doing unconscious doyle traces.

most cordially,


^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~~The Beat goes on~~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^
Bobby Matherne -- http://www.doyletics.com -- New Orleans, Louisiana
"The Origins of Natural Science" 9 Lectures in 1922,23
by Rudolf Steiner, Review by Bobby Matherne                           
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