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Therapies =?iso-8859-1?Q?vis=2D=E0=2Dvis?= doyletics [Len's Question]  Bobby Matherne
 Jun 20, 2001 06:51 PDT 
Dear Len,

Are you aware that there are dozens of therapies and processes that people
over hundreds of years have applied that are similar to doyle traces?

Mesmer who discovered animal magnetism was perhaps the first. Bleuer
applied it and then Freud. Its name was changed to hypnotism.

The 1960s brought a spate of new therapies that did similar things in very
different ways:

Age regression
Scientology [from Dianetics]
Transactional Analysis
Neo-Reichian body work
Gestalt therapy
Neurolinguistic Programming
Prior Life Regression
Primal Therapy

and the list goes on. Each decade since the 60s have brought new therapies
with new names and new practitioners claiming to have THE answer, and yet
when one investigates the basic principles they apply (when they are
successful) those principles are laid out in the basic hypotheses of
doyletics, which is what makes doyletics a science and the rest of them a
collection of techniques that sometimes work, sometimes don't, but they
collect money either way from the client who's been promised relief. [Yes,
usually their clients get some relief, but as you pointed it out,
not always permanent relief.]

I don't have the time or inclination to answer questions that compare all
these or any one of these therapies vis--vis doyletics. My simple answer
is: use what works for you. People who stick with some form of therapy,
whether as a client or as a therapist are doing just that, and they're
usually not interested in learning some better or faster or cheaper way --
they already have THE answer, remember that.

Everyone finds their own path and the rocks on that path are exactly the
right size to irritate their feet as they walk along . . .

most cordially,


P. S. Alan is a member of the List who first answered your earlier

P. S. S. Did Doyle investigate Dianetics? Yes. Did he find anything in it
that was useful to his work? I suspect not. Doyle was an instrumentation
engineer, not a psychologist or therapist. Many of these fields mentioned
above he learned about through folks like yourself asking him questions
AFTER he had already done his original work. If I'm wrong about any
particulars in this Doyle will certainly set me straight.

Len Bleier wrote:
The World-Wide Doyletics List is Devoted to
Dialogue Among Doyletics Users and Principals


Thanks for the info, I better undrstood it. By the way
who is Allan Spencer James. Also are you aware of the
fact that your technique sounds similiar to the
Dianetics technique, that is, doyles are engrams that
get erased and there is a basic engram and a secondary
engram, etc. and when erase an engram it get put from
the reactive mind into the analytical mind, etc. Did
Doyle ever investigate Diantetics? LEnny

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