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 Jun 23, 2001 07:09 PDT 
Dear Friends on the List,

This news item popped up in Medscape for me this morning.

Although sick hospitalized patients may be called upon to make important
treatment decisions, these individuals often have the cognitive ability
of a young child, according to a report published in the June 19th issue
of the Annals of Internal Medicine.
<a href="http://neurology.medscape.com/39257.rhtml?srcmp=neur-062201">
Read it Here</a>]]

It seems to me that this might be explained by the doyles being fired off
of being a child again when one is hospitalized: one is lying in bed,
waited on hand and foot, and treated as being helpless many times. All
these will undoubtedly trigger doyles of being a child. Perhaps our
cognitive capacity is "state-dependent" -- or
"doylic-activation-dependent". That is, if we are treated like a child, we
tend to respond like one.

Bernie Siegel's advice to all those going into a hospital is good advice to
maintain one's cognitive ability by maintaining an adult level of control.

Water pistol -- gets rid of a fawning and unwelcome nurse in a hurry.

Air horn -- will get the attention of the nursing staff that may be
otherwise enured to the beep-beep of the usual alarms.

Marking pencil for: "Operate HERE" marks on one's body so that the correct
side of the body is operated on.

There were several other pointers, but these stuck out for me. The change
from helpless child to in-control adult will keep the hospitalized human in
full adult cognitive mode.

I encourage everyone to read all news articles with a view to the doylic
implications such as this one and to share any they find with the List.

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Then hit New Msg and type "doyletics", and the rest of the address will be
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how, this would be a good time to try it:


most cordially,


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The Boundaries of Natural Science by Rudolf Steiner
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