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RE: No trace past 7 months!?  John Purchase
 Aug 15, 2001 18:01 PDT 
Hi Alan,

I am interested in tracing back along parental timelines, not past lives.
That might be possible in "doyletics v1.2" (come on Bobby, get working on

As a suggestion...I find that if you get the client to describe the doyle,
"what colour would it be? how big is it?, where is it located?" type thing,
they find it easier to keep it going for the entire trace process. Give it
a shot!



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From: Alan James Spencer [mailto:ajsp-@broad.net.au]
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 9:06 PM
To: doyle-@topica.com
Subject: Re: [Doyletics] No trace past 7 months!?

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Hi John,

I see that you are a curious person, wondering just how many uses you may
find for the trace. It has been my experience (for what it is worth) that
when you get a client tracing back to past lives, the sad truth is that you
have lost the thread of the initial trace. It is not uncommon (again in my
experience) for clients to disassociate so frequently that they are able to
do so during a trace without displaying visible external cues. I too am a
NLP Master Prac and well conversant with 'noticing what we notice', so I
guess that it is difficult to imagine that we may or may not miss something
when working with clients. However, it does happen.

The times I have achieved a successful trace (and it is building up into a
sizeable number) is when I have assisted the client to access a doyle and
hold it for the entire time of the trace, all the way back to its origin.
The times I have failed (if there is such a thing as a failure) has been
when the doyle has slipped away and I have not noticed. The client is no
help in this case as usually they are so accustomed to dis-associating from
the unpleasant doyle anyway they notice nothing new or different.

I am sure that the list will hear from you again,

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From: John Purchase <jo-@kedatech.com>
To: <doyle-@topica.com>
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 1:10 PM
Subject: [Doyletics] No trace past 7 months!?

 The World-Wide Doyletics List is Devoted to
Dialogue Among Doyletics Users and Principals
~^~^~^~ WWD Conference Oct 5-8, 2001 ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^

Hi all,

Second post here - so I'm not sure if this has been covered yet.

I read in the doyletics site that there is no use tracing back more than
7 months prior to birth, as there would be no dolyes configured (?) in
the amygdala.

Hmmm. There may be no doyles, I can see that, but when I run someone
through a NLP type reimprint process, I frequently have clients that
indicate the "issue" is located prior to their conception.

Tracing back along mom or dad's (and then some) timeline to clear the
client's issue is a valid, and valuable part of the success of the
process. It might be possible that the doyles could be passed on to
children as they are so good at learning everything about what they are
not taught directly...presuppositional learning. I guess I'm wondering
how kids take on parental foibles.

Has anyone used the trace process back to parental timelines? Results?
I'm going to...I sure as hell think it would really make things easier
for all involved.

PS: I cringe (there's a trace possibility!) when I hear what the mind
can't do. Rebel against can't!

Thanks, I feel better,

John Purchase

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