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Re: success  Bobby Matherne
 Feb 03, 2002 20:39 PST 
Dear Rob,

Great job! I'm so happy for you and your wife! Normally I would post this
note of congratulations directly to the individual, but I want to thank you
publicly for sharing your success directly with the List.

Did you ask her the Plausibility Question right afterward? This is the best
time to ask it, but if not, ask her it now: "What's a plausible thing that
could have happened to you at four years old that could explain your
claustrophobic reaction?" and tell her to pay exquisite attention to
whatever pops into her mind as she thinks of an answer. The first thought
will be the cognitive memory or at least a hint at it. Armed with the hint,
if parents are still around or older siblings or aunts, uncles, etc, one
can check with them about the veracity of the event and fill in some of the
other details. If appropriate, share it with the list.

Either way, the cognitive memory of the event is the icing on the cake, not
necessary for nutrients, but adds a completeness to the operation. Her
doylic memory had held the memory of that event for her in the only memory
storage she had operational at the time. Now that she's walked the
labyrinth of her doylic memory back past the original event, a cognitive
memory has been made that now replaces the doylic memory. That cognitive
memory being served up to her conscious mind is the final step in the
process, a completion, a remembering of her past cognitively for the first

Thank you so much for sharing this directly with the List. I hope the other
List members will take your example as a model to follow from now. These
stories of success are all the more valuable when they come from a member
of the List that I've almost no communication about doyletics with. In our
one email with you, Rob, we talked about Jungian stuff, your work with
singles, your wonderful Power Point presentation, and, oh, I think I
suggested you try a food dislike first. All the rest was your initiative.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I kept saying as I rushed down the hall to tell my wife of
your success. Thanks again. It's really great to have you on the World-Wide
Doyletics List. I hope to have a chance to meet you and your wife during my
visit to Australia this year or next.

most cordially,


Rob Gibson wrote:

 Hi all,

just wanted to report some success.

My wife Jeannie and I were trying to think of a good doyle to target
for her very first speed trace. Later that afternoon she started to
worry about her next dressage (horse riding) lesson in an indoor
arena (menage). Outdoors is no problem, but indoors, she gets very
claustrophobic and naturally the horse picks up on her anxiety and
amplifies it making the ride fairly nerve racking and limiting.

To invoke her claustrophobia doyle, I suggested we lock her in a
darkened wardrobe and see if it triggered her anxiety. I locked her
in half expecting her to start giggling, but 30 seconds later she told
me through the door that her chest was very tight and she was
experiencing the same anxiety she would often get in the enclosed
arena. She said it was like a huge weight on her chest forcing her
to breathe very shallowly.

I guided her through the trace and she felt an incredible release
in her breathing when she got down to 4 years old. I was
optimistic about the result but wanted to verify the impact by
seeing how she felt when next in the enclosed arena.

Today, just over a week later, Jeannie had a lesson in the enclosed
arena. For the first time ever, she was able to relax and enjoy
her ride using the full surface area and cantering near the walls.

She is totally convinced that the speed trace was responsible for
this shift and is very grateful for knowledge of the technique.



~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ><(((><)))>< ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^
"The Burning Bush" by Edward Reaugh Smith, a Review:
New Digest: http://www.doyletics.com/digest21.htm
Bobby Matherne ~^~^~ New Orleans, Louisiana ^~^~^~^~
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