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Re: Holding Doyles  doyle-@cox.net
 Aug 03, 2005 16:53 PDT 

Jason wrote:
 I have a question about holding doyles because most times my doyles seem
to come and go very quickly, and I'm not up to the point where I can
trace the subtle and persistent doyles since I haven't done a successful
speed trace yet.

Dear Jason,

First step is for you to get a confirmed speed trace. Best place to start with
some doyle which is sustained before you attempt any which are ephemeral and
disappear quickly.

Food dislikes are the best place to start. If there are no food you dislike
intensely, use your imagination to come up with some that would be disgusting to
you if you attempted to put it in your mouth.

Do this thought experiment in front of a mirror and when you see and feel
disgust, HOLD the muscle tension and begin the trace immediately. By CONSCIOUSLY
HOLDing the muscle tension you will satisfy the first requirement of a
successful trace.

Now do the second part of a successful trace:

Go down your TIME MARKS while HOLDing the muscle tension.

Doyles of disgust are muscle tensions stored from an event before you were five.
When you go down below the original event below five, you will not longer be
able to hold the tension as effectively as before and you will know it
immediately. How? Your body will let you know. I can't tell you exactly how that
will happen -- it's unique for each person, but the doyles of tension will
disappear and the next time you think of the digusting thing, it will still be
disgusting, but it won't show in your face. It won't feel like genuine disgust
anymore. That's what a confirmed trace is like.

 When I try to hold a doyle, and it's a brief facial expression of
disgust, should the trace still be effective when the expression
disappears and I voluntarily make myself keep the expression of disgust
on my face? This doesn't feel like genuine disgust.

This is an amazingly good question! You are not tracing disgust, but rather the
substrate of disgust which is represented by the doyles of muscle tension.
That's why it's so easy to trace the doyles if you voluntarily HOLD the doyles
which arise during "disgust."

When you say it "doesn't feel like genuine disgust" you're talking about a
different doyle you triggered by a thought. Don't do that. Trace one doyle at
a time by consciously holding onto the muscle tension and go down the TIME MARKS
so fast you don't have a chance to have any thoughts. Thoughts can derail a
trace, while HOLDing the doyle will ensure a successful one even if a thought or
two creep in. Go fast to defuse the thoughts. Think only of saying the time mark

Work on tracing the muscle tension component of disgust and get a confirmation.

Go for it. And good tracing,

most cordially,


P. S. That other "doesn't feel like genuine disgust" doyle may not be worth
about. It's just a confusion factor which kept you from doing a successful doyle
trace, up until now.

 Thanks for any help you can give me

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