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Re: Post 5 Question about speed traces I've done (Reply to Lowell)  Chris Bryant
 Mar 17, 2007 20:29 PST 

Bobby, usually its Chris who talks to you, but today it's Carla. I have
found that when I trace a Doyle that is or was from a Doyle particularly
upsetting to my child psyche (for me it's related to childhood sexual abuse)
(and my Doyle is a feeling of suffocation as well as body states related to
anxiety) it can take many multiple tracings from 52(my age) thru - 7
months.I say many multiple because I can trace the same Doyle repeatedly for
2-5 hours. the Doyle will decrease in intensity and eventually go away with
each trace. sometimes I have to call in "the big guns" and get little Carla
to help me, but the Doyle DOES go away. each tracing session lasts less
time, is less intense, and fewer and farther between. In fact, I can't
really remember when I last had that suffocation Doyle. I've learned not to
question how it works or why it works, just to accept that it does. The
science is a little too far above my head. Chris gets it, but it is enough
for me to know that it works. What I can reaffirm for others is that like
diet and exercise, it only works if you do it! but that's the greatest part
of all it DOES WORK! Our life is more fulfilling and way more pleasant. We
get along better and don't have to go through the same pesky fights over and
over. It really is true, relief is just a trace away. I think some Doyles
are well rooted because we have either used them to avoid knowledge of
actual events in our lives, and or as a defense mechanism to avoid things
that, for whatever reason were, so awful that we could only go on by
pretending they didn't exist. This has been true in my case at any rate. I
have had occasion to tell people at my place of employment about Doyletics,
have done traces with people, and given many the website address.As with
anything, when a person is ready to hear, they do! One lady used
story-telling with her 4 yr old daughter who had panic attacks when people
go "yeah" (as in the response when your favorite team makes the winning
touchdown) and was amazed that it helped! at the time I didn't know that you
also have the benefit of when you story tell, you don't develop a Doyle!
that is such an awesome benefit! the world will be a really cool place
someday! yeah? hope this helps some people who have strong persistent
Doyles. they really do go away! thank you for all you do. Carla .PS if this
is written too much in woman-ese, see if Del can translate!
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From: "Bobby Matherne" <doyle-@cox.net>
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Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2007 10:28 AM
Subject: [doyletics] Post 5 Question about speed traces I've done (Reply to

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Dear Friends on the List,

I hope this series of posts has been helpful to some of you who may have
experienced some of the things which Lowell did in his learning to use
the speed trace and understanding the principles of doyletics. This is
probably the last post of the series as I perceive that Lowell will be
able to handle things on his own from now on. I also hope that some of
you who have been stumped as to how to proceed will be encouraged to do
so now, knowing that if you are unsuccessful, you can always send a post
to the WWD List or to me personally to request help,

most cordially,

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation

Excerpt from Lowell's previous email dealing with "remembering":

 I've noticed a really nice effect from my speed traces so far also; when
coming into contact with 'triggers' that would always before cause me to
feel anxiety, it's as if I remember I'm supposed to feel anxious, and I'm
about to but there's nothing there to make me feel anxious. Quite
interesting, I figure that kind of 'remembering' will go away perhaps
when I get used to not feeling anxious in those situations. I just hope
this is all permanent, what I've done so far, since being without a lot
of that old anxiety is much better.

Reply from Bobby:

Dear Lowell,

Great work! I'd like to comment on the 'remembering' you mention in the
paragraph above. What you're experiencing is the effect of a
doylmem having been converted into a cogmem (cognitive memory). This is
the net result of a successful doyle trace and no one to my knowledge
has ever described experiencing that process so accurately as you.

Every time before upon a certain trigger you got anxiety doyles, that
is, doylmems arose in your body and were unpleasant and unwanted. NOW
the same trigger happens and what you get is some cognitive information
"I'm supposed to fee anxious" (cogmems), but no doylmems.

The very fact of your "remembering" is predicted by the doyletics theory
as a sign that you have successfully converted a doylmem into a cogmem
and that is always permanent so far as the theory goes and so far as our
experience of the process over 30 year goes. And the 'remembering' will
go away --- because of the novelty it comes up but we ignore novelty
after a time because by then it's no longer novel.

Keep writing me on your experiences. They will be very useful to future
generations of folks who will still be as confused as you are when they
do their first speed traces. The process is so simple, but every one's
experience of doing it is unique and everyone needs to understand what's
happening just to know if what they're doing is working or not. And
yours is working!

Thanks for sharing. You have repaid my efforts many times by writing me
of your experiences.

with much appreciation,


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Relief is just a Trace Away! When in Doubt, Trace it out!
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