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Post 6: Question about speed traces I've done  Bobby Matherne
 Mar 21, 2007 14:43 PST 

Bobby's last Reply to Lowell:
 Great work! I'd like to comment on the 'remembering' you mention below in second paragraph. What you're experiencing is the effect of a doylmem having been converted into a cogmem (cognitive memory). This is the net result of a successful doyle trace and no one to my knowledge has ever described experiencing that process so accurately as you.

 Every time before upon a certain trigger you got anxiety doyles, that is, doylmems arose in your body and were unpleasant and unwanted. NOW the same trigger happens and what you get is some cognitive information "I'm supposed to feel anxious" (cogmems), but no doylmems.

Lowell wrote back:

Ah wow, so that's what it is, the doylmem having become a cogmem, very
interesting! I've been doing many speedtraces since my last e-mail and
after I did many many speedtraces repeatedly for the stomach doyles and
finally the residual stomach sensations went away. I've realized that I
generally need to do an equal amount of speedtracing on the stomach
doyles after I successfully speedtrace whatever causes them to pop up. A
nice side effect of doing all that stomach speedtracing is that it seems
I took care of "hunger pangs" as well so now it doesn't bother me eating
less(which is what I've been trying to do lately to lose some weight).

I've been having much luck with tracing anxiety doyles also. A strange
thing has been happening for the past two or so days though, it's as if
I have this almost constant feeling of overall excitement. It was nice
at first but after awhile it was a bit too much, and then yesterday I
started to think about it and realized that it was probably still the
anxiety but without the negativity associated with it(probably what I
traced out). Not exactly sure how to proceed with tracing this though
since I figure some excitement would be good to keep. Perhaps I'll just
trace some of it out so I get down to an acceptable level of it. Thanks
for posting the e-mails, I'm sure it will be able to help others out


Bobby Replied:

Thanks for checking in. Someone was just complaining to me about the use
of the word "doylmems", but I told him it was very useful to create the
distinction between doylic memories and cognitive memories in much
shorter prose, which you illustrated so well!

As for the excitement, I think you may just be feeling real life for the
first time after removing some stopper doylmems which kept that aura of
excitement away. I believe it'll stabilize after you become aware of it
and then only arise appropriately in later occasions. The best rule is
not to trace away good doyles, but this one I understand is on the
borderline for you.

good doyles to you from now on,

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