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Re: Asthma removed by Speed Trace  Bobby Matherne
 Mar 14, 2008 12:15 PST 

Dear Friends,

Here is a report from Warren. It seems that the doctor had not performed
the test to confirm the asthma, but Warren report of the wheezing and
the doctor's calling it asthma seems pretty strong indications of
asthma, so far as I can tell.


Here's what Warren wrote:

Dear Bobby,
In your enthusiasm as well as mine, we've created a misleading enactment
of my recent experience. Perhaps I was more guilty than you. But we'll
try and straighten it out. OK?

First off, the doctor did not say positively that I had asthma but that
he was going to order some testing of me to determine if I did, in fact,
have asthma. From that point forward, he spoke as if I did have asthma,
but would find out.

I then went home and as best as I can remember I went to bed and as I
was lying there, wheezing slightly, I decided to do a speed trace and
see what it would bring up. When I reached down to age 1, the wheezing
diminished to the extent that I considered it had stopped.

I then commenced to examine my existence around that time during which I
was at age 1. And lo and behold, I could distinctly remember my father
complaining about the darned asthma hampering his breathing.

Bobby, That is about as succinct as I can express what happened with no
embellishments for my enthusiasm. I still feel that it is as good a clue
as any that asthma is an emotion rather than a physical malfunction and
I believe sincerely that it is possible to relieve the discomfort of
asthma with doyletics.

With my best regards
Warren Liberty

Bobby Matherne wrote:
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dialogue among doyletics users and researchers.

Dear Friends on the World-Wide Doyletics List,

I have some great news to report. A member of this list, Warren, has
done a speed trace and removed his asthma.
(see previous message for complete email)

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