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Is doyletics hypnosis?  Bobby Matherne
 Mar 21, 2008 16:47 PST 

Dear Friends on the List:

Some of you may have wondered about the question asked by a newcomer to
doyletics in an email to me recently, so I include my response to him
while keeping his identity confidential.



Evan wrote (not his real name):
 I read the part about the food and it made me think. How is this different from hypnotizing oneself, changing beliefs about food, maps, regression, NLP/hypnosis, etc?

Dear Evan,

There is no obvious connection with the speed trace and hypnosis. I took
a six day Bandler advanced course in hypnosis, enough to know a plethora
of ways of hypnosis. Even that anytime someone is being effective
there's hypnosis going on. The look at the thing on the string is baby

That said, let me explain that if the phenomena that are possible with
the speed trace were simply NLP tricks, there would be no reason for my
presuming to form a science of doyletics.

This science explains many of the things which NLP does with its many
tricks, techniques and processes. Also does that for psychoanalysis and
many other forms of therapy.

And yet the speed trace is not a therapy: it's simply a memory

So, therapists stumble upon something which works which utilizes the
existence of the memory transition age and the fact that bodily states
that are not direct sensory perceptions are stored as original events
and recapitulated later after the memory transition age of five. But
UNLESS you are conscious of the tenets of doyletics, your performance
will be haphazard, because if you stumble upon removing a bodily state
by taking someone back to eight, let's say, that bodily state will
return. If you had studied a bit of doyletics theory, you could have
taken them back before five and the removal would have been permanent.

Doyletics is to therapy as Newton's three laws were to ballistics.
People could aim cannons and hit on occasion, but with the three laws of
motion, the error was greatly removed.

But why ask if it's any good when you can learn for yourself. Do a food
dislike trace, test it afterwards to make sure your reaction to the food
is gone. You'll not like it immediately (though it happens), but over
exposure to the food you NEVER ate before, you may come to enjoy eating
it. I can eat and enjoy sauerkraut and liver, two foods I could not
stand to eat or smell in any form before. AND I was tracing something
else when I removed the same doyles which caused the food dislike.

Read the simple instructions for the speed trace: just have the doyle
present and say the words. Nowhere does it say go into a trance. It's a
simple way of converting doylic memories into cognitive memories. And
this is the only science which teaches it.

Give it a try. Add it to your armamentarium of techniques to help others

warm regards,

Certified as NLP Practioner at First NLP Conference, c.1980

~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ><(((><)))>< ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
Fairy Tales, Thinking, Concepts
Founding a Science of the Spirit
March Good Mtn Press Digest http://www.doyletics.com/digest083.htm
Reviews & News 2008 by Bobby Matherne ~^~ New Orleans, Louisiana ~^~
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