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Food Dislikes & Likes: The Fish Trace  Bobby Matherne
 Jun 27, 2008 08:49 PDT 

Dear Friends on the World-wide Doyletics List,

Here's a lady who reported success, a confirmed trace of a fish dislike.
It was very strong, causing near vomiting, and it took two traces: one
in order to simply taste it and the other to eat and swallow it. This is
a familiar pattern for strong food dislikes. After "Jane" did the trace,
she asked if she still has a doyle if she still doesn't like the salmon.

Here's how I think about this. I've seen a woman who hated grapefruit do
a trace in a group just imagining the grapefruit. Her PQ (Plausibility
Question) revealed a memory of her in day school where they gave her
fruit cocktail with grapefruit in it every afternoon. She hated it up
until the day of that trace at age 64. Minutes later I held out a half
grapefruit in a bowl with a spoon in front of her, and she said, "Gimme
that!" and began eating it voraciously. That's one end of the spectrum.
The other is shown by Jane's experience. Completed the trace. Ate and
swallowed the food and says, "I still don't like it now."

"Now" is the operative word. We only learn to enjoy eating a food
through prolonged exposure to eating it. I didn't enjoy eating oysters
on the half shell the first time. I was only 4 or 5 at my dad's knee and
I saw how much he enjoyed it. Soon I was enjoying just as much as he. At
91, he still loves oysters on the half shell and orders a dozen whenver
we take him to lunch.

My point is that one needs additional exposure to the long-disliked food
before one will say, "I like it" or "I love it". Whether that happens or
not to Jane is unimportant because the whole purpose of tracing a food
dislike is NOT to enjoy eating the food, but to learn to do a speed
trace. You can learn the rote process of going down the time marks, BUT:
UNTIL you have confirmed the removal of a strong doyle, you do not know
if you have actually performed a successful speed trace.

Jane obviously did. In fact, she did two successful speed traces.

How do I know?

First speed trace allowed her to go on to the next step of actually
trying to eat the salmon. (see below)

Second speed trace eliminated the vomiting sensations when she ate a few
bites. Her PQ answer kept forcing itself into her head: her parents
forced her to eat salmon at one time (or more).

I suspect that Jane will someday be at a fine buffet with salmon
sandwiches made on toast with cream cheese, chopped red onions, capers,
and thin sliced lox and she will try a bite and discover the wonderful
combination of flavors.

TWO KEYS to Knowing you did a successful trace:

Doyle goes away.(required)
PQ gives you a plausible answer. (optional)

Read on,

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jane's EMAIL, posted with her permission ~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi Bobby:

I did the fish doyle after having tasted a piece of cold previously
cooked Salmon and felt like puking, then I started the doyle, but after
spitting out the Salmon.

The doyle seemed to go away between 2 years and 1 year, which might have
been when my parents first gave me fish.

However, after the doyle went away, I ate a couple pieces of the Salmon
and at first it didn't taste too bad while I was chewing it, but when I
went to swallow it, then it tasted bad, each time.

So I did the doyle again while I kept the fish in my mouth and kept
swallowing and almost puking the entire time.

It went away again between 2 and 1 but tapered off starting between 3
and 2. So the only thing I could think of was my parents used to force
us to
eat, and maybe they forced me to eat fish, which kept coming into my
head during the entire 2nd trace.

I had a few more bites of the fish and didn't feel like puking (as I
previously did) when I swallowed, but I still didn't like the taste very

Do I still have the doyle if I don't like it now?


-----Original Message describing to her how to do Speed Trace -----
From: Bobby Matherne

Dear Jane,

Doyles are stored until you are five years old and represent a complete
record of what happened to you. Doyles that are unpleasant will keep
coming up until you do a trace on them either unconscious or conscious.
Unconscious tracing can take years or a lifetime or more. Conscious
tracing can be done in a minute or less.

Get out a mirror and hold it front of you while you read the next

Watch what happens to your face (or feel it if you can).

[scroll down]


[mirror ready]

[you only get one chance to see this ]

Think of the fish dish you would most dislike having placed in front of

Now, what did you see in the mirror? Did your face change? If not, go to
restaurant alone, order that dish and have your mirror ready when it's

If your face goes into a grimace, a tigth-lipped, tight-jawed, etc. any
or all of those responses and more, then you have located the doyle to
be traced and start down your Time MARKs immediately.

Say to yourself (if you're not in public say it aloud first few times
you do a trace):

"I'm 34 and I'm experiencing this doyle." [this doyle refers to the
stuff you saw/felt in your face -- it should be true -- if the doyle
goes away before you go below 5 years old, then look/smell or taste the
fish dish to reactivate it]

"I'm 30 and I'm experiencing this doyle."

"I'm 25 and I'm experiencing this doyle."

"I'm 20 and I'm experiencing this doyle."

"I'm 15 and I'm experiencing this doyle."

"I'm 10 and I'm experiencing this doyle."

"I'm 5 years old and I'm experiencing this doyle."

Now change slightly to this:

"I'm 4 --- am I experiencing this doyle?" [check inside, look at your
no, you're done, if yes, continue on down the Time Marks]
"I'm 3 --- am I experiencing this doyle?"
"I'm 2 --- am I experiencing this doyle?"
"I'm 1 --- am I experiencing this doyle?"
"I'm 9 months old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"
"I'm 6 months old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"
"I'm 3 months old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"
"I'm 2 months old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"
"I'm 1 month old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"
"I'm 1 day old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"
"I'm -1 day old, the day before I was born --- am I experiencing this

"I'm -1 month old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"

"I'm -2 months old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"

"I'm -3 months old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"

"I'm -4 months old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"

"I'm -5 months old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"

"I'm -6 months old --- am I experiencing this doyle?"

As soon as doyle goes away -- it usually goes away between two time
marks, but occasionally tapers off over several -- ask yourself,
"What's a plausible thing happened to me at that age to have stored
that doyle in me?" ["that age" is the age of the first time mark you
said when you noticed it was gone] Then pay exquisite attention to
everything that flits through your mind as soon as you started asking
the question. You'll get a hint of the cognitive memory your mind just
made out of the doylic memory and the doylic memory will be gone forever
--- you'll remember some bit of it cognitively, but no more
uncontrollable feeling will be there.

If you are successful with the fish dish trace, you are ready to apply
to every other onerous feeling or body state in your life.

Once you have erased the most onerous of the doyles you may be able to
successfully have children.

If you need further help, check the Training Exercise --- but you can do
the job with the simple instructions I've given you here,

most cordially,


~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ><(((><)))>< ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
Towards Social Renewal, http://www.doyletics.com/arj/towardss.htm
The Two Children by Ovason, http://www.doyletics.com/arj/twochild.htm
February Digest http://www.doyletics.com/digest052.htm
Reviews by Bobby Matherne ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
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