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Re: Digest for doyle-@topica.com, issue 461  Bobby Matherne
 Jun 30, 2008 09:36 PDT 

Dear Shoshana,

When Doyle Henderson did his major research from 1975 to 1995, he
discovered something he called combiners, by which he meant those events
stored above five years old which got themselves attached to similar
events that happened below five. His method involved a session director
(himself) working with another person and he would spend about an hour
or longer taking the person back and forth across the events connected
with the unwanted feeling until he got down to the original event. It
was during these exhaustive searches with thousands of people that he
was able to notice that if the trace stopped before going down below
five years old, the combiner was gone, but the feeling would still come
back later on in life. Only if he subsequently took the subject back
before five years old would the feeling never come back again.

This experiential work by Doyle was the basis for the basic hypothesis
of doyletics that doylic memories are stored before five years old and
never afterward.

That is why when one is doing a speed trace, one must HOLD the doyle
until the TIME MARKS are counted down before five years old.

That is by way of prologue to answer your question below.

Your question seems to have two parts, and I'll answer them separetly as
best I can:

Q1: Can these later traumas could be connected to the doylic memories?

Yes, and during a speed trace, you may notice their presence by the
doyle decreasing in intensiy or somehow changing. When that happens,
continue on down the time marks to below five years old until it
disappears. That process will get the original doyle.

Q2: Can these doylic memories only clear when the later stuff is

Since one good speed trace will "clear the later stuff" on the way down
to the original event doyle, the answer to Q2 seems "yes".

About the possibility of blocking or overshadowing of the original
doyle, I doubt that is possible. Instead I think of the possibility of
bolstering or reinforcing the original doyle which events above five
would seem to do. Doylic memory is an associative memory. That means any
feeling which contains both the original doyle and above five years old
feelings can be traced down to the original doyle because the
associative memory contains MORE than is necessary to find the original
event. Stripping away the "combiners" (those above five feelings) leaves
the original event's feelings (the doylic memory) intact. Thus this
later stuff helps locate the original doyle, it does not block or
overshadow it.

[[Detailed explanation:
The later stuff is not stored as doylic memory (which goes into the
limbic region of the brain), but rather is stored as cognitive memory or
just plain "memory" (which goes into the higher cortex of the brain).
But cognitive memory can trigger doyles and when you were 8, for
example, and some event happened which triggered a doyle from age=2, you
remembered that event as a cognitive memory, but a STRONG one because of
the presence of the age2 doyle firing off. Thus it would seem like a
doyle got saved at age8, but only the memory of the age2 doyle which
fired off at age8 was remembered as a cognitive memory. Later thinking
of that age8 event would trigger the age2 doyle associated with the age8
event. Thus you can see that the age2 doyle MUST be traced to prevent
any recurrence of the age2 doyle when the age8 memory is recalled. OR
AT ANY OTHER AGE you may have been when the age2 doyle fired off. ALL

In case there may be something else that you are having problems
with, so please clarify for me (on this List by Reply) or by personal
email to me -- see website for my personal email.

most cordially,

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation

Shoshana Bregman wrote:
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Hi Carla,

I don't know if this makes sense, because doyles are stored from 5
downwards, but I find, for myself, that traumas at older ages, from around 5
upwards, need to be cleared, because they could be overshadowing and
blocking being able to reach genuine doyles from age 5 down. And these
later traumas could be connected to the doyle memories so that these can
only clear when the later stuff is cleared. How does this feel to you?

Good luck to you, and many more years to add on in good health and happy
living - Shoshana Bregman

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         super speed trace
         By carlab-@charter.net


Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2008 14:07:14 -0500
From: "Carla Bryant" <carlab-@charter.net>
Subject: super speed trace

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      I have been doing condensed "super" speed traces for some time now,
usually with fair to good results. I'm so old I jump over several time marks
almost immediately to age 5 and progress from there. Lately I have had some
doyles that were not going away so I slowed down and hit all the time marks,
with better results.

      Comments? Suggestions?


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