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Re: Digest for doyle-@topica.com, issue 462  Bobby Matherne
 Jul 01, 2008 10:59 PDT 

Dear Shoshana,

What I heard CB saying was that jumping right to five often resulted in
doyles not going away, whereas hitting every time mark (maximum ten year
jumps) proved effective.

For myself, I do not recommend jumping down to five, especially for
beginners. Yes, you might miss the combiners, but if you remove the
doylic memory which lies at the root of combiners, the combiners won't
come back. I find combiners an unnecessary complication to understanding
doyles and avoid talking about it as much as possible.

Remember, a speed trace is a way of asking your body if something is a
doyle or not. ANY WAY which works for you, Shoshana, is the right way.
There is no magic ONE WAY, no royal road to doylic happiness. Each
person should adjust their tracing to what works for them. Start off
with carefully hitting all the time marks at first. Then experimenting,
but always going back to what works if the experiment fails. At a
general rule for all tracers, seven plus or minus two TIME MARKS is
sufficient. Anything else may or may not work.

For children under ten, you might go every year or every two years down
to five, then 4, 3, 2, 1, etc. Especially if you're doing a talking
trace or asking them "questions" --- then you want to move them quickly
to retrain their attention and not move them to some other doyle. Del
and I have used this question approach with a very frightened
10-year-old granddaughter. Fright went away at birth.

The trace only converts doylic memories to cognitive memories. A
combiner is a cognitive memory attached to a doylic memory. It
disappears when you convert the doylic memory to cognitive memory in a
speed trace.

A trace must have two parallel processes to be successful:




You must HOLD the doyle (or have it holding you) till below five.


You must go down the TIME MARKS while HOLDing is happening.

Think of Little Red Riding Hood on the path in the forest. To have a
successful trace, she cannot drop the basket of goodies (doyles) in the
forest AND she must stay on the path all the way to Grandma's house.
Either dropping (not holding) the doyles or straying off the path (the
TIME MARKS) can cause an unsuccessful speed trace. The path to the
original event can only be found by utilizing the two associated
components of doylic body state and time(age) of the event.

The doylic body state is a known, the time (age you were at the time the
doyle was stored) is the unknown.

So, in a speed trace, we hold onto the known doyle while varying the
time as we move down the time marks. This guarantees success!

For example: When you move from age 3 (doyle active)
to age 2 (doyle not active any more), the
loss of the doyle signals that the original event took place at 2 years
old. You have thus solved for the unknown, the age when the event in
time occured to you has been revealed to you to have been two years
old. And you know that the doylic memory of the event has been
converted into a cognitive memory of the event. That allows you to
recall what happened to store the doyles.

Hope this clears things up a bit. Sometimes explanations make things
which are simple seem complex. The speed trace is basically simple and
understanding all the aspects are not necessary to do a successful
trace. I just talked over the phone a few minutes ago with a woman in
Ohio that I helped do a speed trace over the phone. She had been sick in
bed for days with an allergy. A couple of months later now --- she told
me, "My allergies are all gone."

Find out how to do a speed trace for yourself, and then be ready when
something unpleasant arises to ask your body, "Is this a doyle?" by
doing a quick speed trace. If the answer is yes, you have already
said goodbye to that unpleasantness for good.

most cordially,


Shoshana Bregman wrote:
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Hi Bobby

Good to know they are called combiners.

About blocking or overshadowing early doylic memories, I was referring to
the fact that Carla was skipping ages and she got better results when she
didn't skip ages and went straight down to age 5.   So does this mean that
she was missing the combiners and therefore couldn't clear the early doyles?
And in your example, if a traumatic memory at age 8 is combined with a
doylic one at age 2, will clearing the one at age 2 take care of the effects
of the trauma from age 8? Or does the age 8 need to be cleared as a combiner
first?   Will going down the ages clear the effects of age 8 as we go down,
as long as we reach the original age 2 trauma?   So why could she get better
results going down all her ages, if the doyles are stored up until age 5 and
older ages are not doylic memory traumas. Does this mean that the trace
clears cognitive memories as well?
Can you help me understand this more clearly?   Many thanks - Shoshana

Hi Carla,

I don't know if this makes sense, because doyles are stored from 5
downwards, but I find, for myself, that traumas at older ages, from around 5
upwards, need to be cleared, because they could be overshadowing and
blocking being able to reach genuine doyles from age 5 down. And these
later traumas could be connected to the doyle memories so that these can
only clear when the later stuff is cleared. How does this feel to you?

Good luck to you, and many more years to add on in good health and happy
living - Shoshana Bregman

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         super speed trace
         By carlab-@charter.net


      I have been doing condensed "super" speed traces for some time now,
usually with fair to good results. I'm so old I jump over several time marks
almost immediately to age 5 and progress from there. Lately I have had some
doyles that were not going away so I slowed down and hit all the time marks,
with better results.

      Comments? Suggestions?

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