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Re: New Members  valc-@cox.net
 Jul 17, 2008 22:45 PDT 

Bobby, greetings:

Thank you for the encouraging email. I didn't answer to your email until now because I wanted to experiment first with doyletics. I tried the speed trace with a vegetable that I've always dislike and never knew why (beets). I had some trouble getting it right at the beginning but it worked after the third time I tried it.
However the public speaking condition puzzle me though. I tried the speed trace while waiting my turn to speak but I never got the clue of what event provoked the anxiety doyle. I did experience a sense of relaxation while doing the trace and was able to speak comfortably after that, however.
I might have to do a technical presentation where I work next week in front of a bigger audience than what I normally encounter at the Toastmaster's meetings. Normally in a situation like that, if I still have the original doyle, I get extremely uncomfortable and tense. I'll definitely try the speed trace again while I wait and see what happen. Hopefully I'll get cure before is my turn to do the presentation.
Thank you for the support.


---- Bobby Matherne <doyle-@cox.net> wrote:
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The 'World-Wide Doyletics List' is devoted to
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Welcome, Noel!

First, let me say, as a native speaker and writer of English, that you composed a most literature email, so your command of English is excellent.

When you say you've been this may as long as you can remember, that is the condition for all of our doylic memories --- those kind of bodily memories stop being stored when we start storing cognitive or just plain memories, around the Memory Transition Age of five years old. So clearly there were events which you don't remember which happened to you that stored doylic memories of anxiety. Since likely you were speaking only your native language at the time, those doyles are not related to what language you are speaking now when they arise, but rather to the condition of being in front of people and expected to do something.

A speed trace will remove those traces of anxiety quickly and easily, and you have an expert in the matter to help you: YOURSELF. You know exactly what the condition feels like and once you have a confirmed speed trace under your belt, you'll be ready to erase those anxiety doyles.

Read the INTRODUCTION on the Main Page. Do a food dislike trace or some other easily triggered and tested doyle. Foods work great because having the food present to see, smell, taste, chew, and then swallow ensures that you will hold the doyle all the way down the time marks.



Those are your keys to success in a speed trace. After doing the food dislike trace, smell, taste, chew and then swallow the food. If another doyle arises, immediately trace it. If during chewing, keep chewing while tracing. If you successfully can eat the food, you won't like it right away, because liking comes over continued exposure, but you will then be ready to trace the anxiety doyle.

First you will have to trigger the doyle. To trigger it, you will need to simulate the conditions which cause it to arise or best of all: Be ready to trace it while waiting to be called to speak at a Toastmaster's meeting. It only takes a few seconds to rush down a speed trace while a doyle is present, and it can be the most effective way of tracing real life doyles on the spot, because the doyle is HOLDING YOU.

After the trace is over ask yourself "What's a plausible thing could have have happened to me at age=x to store that doyle?" where x= time mark at which doyle went away. Pay exquisite attention to whatever goes through your mind as you ask the question. Some NEW cognitive memory was created when the doyle went away and it will be begging for your attention, but it may come as a question like "Was it when my mother asked me to recite a poem for my aunts?" or something like that. But it will come to you. That will help confirm the speed trace was successful.

I can imagine doing a one-minute extempraneous speech about my speaking anxiety by doing the speed trace aloud to the members and then revealing what the Plausibility Question reveals. Risky, but the members will appreciate your sharing and immediately notice your relief when the doyle goes away. Just imagining beforehand doing that live speed trace may be enough to trigger the doyle and allow you to trace.

Again you are the expert on yourself. You know when the doyle is present and if it goes away while tracing before the time mark of 5 years old, you'll know that you need retrigger the doyle or even start over.

Good luck, good tracing, and good doyles to you from now on, Noel.

most cordially,

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation

P. S. I was once a nervous speaker myself. Talked in front of 2,000 people jamming a ballroom at a Hilton Hotel. Saw the video of my five minute talk and could not detect the nervousness I was feeling. Steve Allen once said, "If you don't fall off the podium, most people won't notice your nervousness." But if you want to really feel comfortable, do a speed trace to remove the nervousness.


I'm new to this List and I would like to introduce myself to the group. My name is Noel and I'm 50 years old living in California. Basically my goal has always been to get rid of a fear of public speaking and also I've been diagnose with "social phobia".
I've been suffering from these conditions since I can remember and I have tried everything from prescribed drugs to hypnosis and nothing seem to be working. The only improvement I've seen recently has been with practice at a local Toastmasters club and after reading the book "The Secret" and practicing "positive thinking". Still, I feel very uncomfortable under certain conditions like meetings, public presentations, speaking in English (native language is Spanish) with new people, and similar situations.
I'm not sure if "doyletics" can help with my condition but I'm giving it a try.
Thank you.


---- Bobby Matherne <doyle-@cox.net> wrote:
 ~^~ Archives: http://lists.topica.com/lists/doyletics/read ~^~
The 'World-Wide Doyletics List' is devoted to
dialogue among doyletics users and researchers.

Dear Friends on the World-Wide Doyletics List,

We have added several new members to the List recently. With little
activity on the List, I thought I'd ask some of you who have been active
using the principles of doyletics in your lives to share one or two of
those experiences. Also this is a great time for the new members of
the List to introduce themselves and ask any questions they might have.
All you have to do to post to the List is Reply to this email, and it
will go out to all of the 140 plus members around the world.

I have a few experienes to share myself, and will do so after the first
of the month when my schedule slackens a bit.

most cordially,

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation

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Relief is just a Trace Away! When in Doubt, Trace it out!

~^~ Home Page http://www.doyletics.com   ~^~

Relief is just a Trace Away! When in Doubt, Trace it out!

~^~ Home Page http://www.doyletics.com   ~^~

Relief is just a Trace Away! When in Doubt, Trace it out!
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