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Children's Traces  Bobby Matherne
 Aug 11, 2008 06:02 PDT 

Dear Friends on the World-Wide Doyletics List,

Children have doyles. They acquire them from the people around them,
friends, adults, caregivers, relatives, and mostly parents. Children are
feeling sponges: they quickly absorb the feelings of those around them
and these feelings are immediately stored as doyles: physical body
states which will remain with them for a lifetime, or less, if traced

Children cannot read and understand the doyletics website. They cannot
learn to do a speed trace on their own. They have no friends who know
how to do a speed trace at this point in time. Their teachers do not
know how to do a speed trace. That leaves only the parents who can help
their children remove unwanted doyles and help their children to learn
to do a speed trace. Once a 6-10 year-old child has had a parent remove
an unwanted doyle or two, they will be ready to learn how to do it on
their own.

I have just received an email from a 38-year-old man, I'll call him Sam,
who has four children of ages: 8 ,6, 4, 1

I had written him several long posts and he had succeeded in doing
confirmed speed traces. I suggested that he help his children. My post
to him on doing speed traces with his children follows his short reply.


Sam's EMAIL:

[[Absolutely amazing.
Was taking a walk Saturday with my 8 year old and on a whim, I asked him
what he is scared of. He told me that he is scared of swimming.   Did
quick trace and it was gone! Should Have Seen The Look On his face. I
quickly asked the plausibility question and out popped the memory of
head going under water in his cousins pool at 2 years old.     

The rest of Saturday was busy as I Removed his distaste of chicken.
Then Got rid the 6 year old's hatred of hamburger and fried fish. even
the 4 year old's dislike of chocolate.    

Still working on the other stuff we talked about, but I had to tell you
about my kids.   

All The Best.]]

Bobby's REPLY:
[[Great work! Glad to see someone doing kids' traces. They are so
easy to do. I want to see teachers helping their charges beginning in

Bobby's Earlier EMAIL to Sam talking about how to lead children in

Important thing about ages of your kids is that under five, they are
STILL storing doyles.

Give them immediate music lessons before they reach five as this will
give them ability to recognize tone and musical notes which will live
with them as adults. Give them as many different kinds of fun
experiences as each one will store doyles in them.

Also learn to help them remove unwanted doyles. It's so easy at that
age. Simply talking to them about the way they feel in a few time
marks can help remove a persistent bad doyle.

Chances are that each of the three has acquired your "beat up yourself
doyle" by matching with you when you did that around them. After erasing
your own doyle, help them to remove theirs when it arises.

Example, I'll use Sam since I don't know their names. Example for 8
year old:

"Sam, you're feeling angry right now, aren't you?" (maybe head nod,

"I'll bet you felt that way when you were 6, huh? (look, listen, feel
for agreement)

"And when you were five. . . "

"How about when you were four? "

"Or three?"

"Or two?"

"Or one?"

"Maybe you felt that way back when you were still in the womb. . ."

With the 6 year old, start at 6. Vary the questions at each age and make
them a little different each time. After a while the older one will
figure out how to do it him/herself.

The 4 year old: Well, best guess is that at 3 years old, the first
cognitive memories are stored, so the 4 year old can do a talking speed
trace and it will only take two or three time marks.

Only attempt this if the doyle is HOLDing them: anger, fear, anxiety,
hyperactivity, etc. Adults can trigger doyles and then trace them, but
kids can't.

You can even get to trace by letting them "overhear" you and the wife
talking about them:
"Sam is really angry and he's 8. I wonder if the was angry like this
when he was 7?"
Wife: "Do you suppose he felt that way when he was six?"
"I don't know. Maybe even back when he was 5"
Wife:"I think maybe I remember a time when he was 4."
"Do you think maybe once when he was 3."

If he's not in the room, you need to go down as far as you feel
comfortable. Wait 15 minutes, change the subject as if you've given up
on that line of thought, and then come up with a real reason to observe
if he's still angry. Offer him some ice cream, etc.

Again, before attempting this, both you and your wife should do at least
one confirmed speed trace.

If you two have ever had and continue to have what the wife and I used
to call "Loud Learning Opportunities" with each other, a speed trace
when these happen can be very beneficial to both of you.

Del and I used to go into other rooms to sulk after one, now we go into
other rooms to speed trace. Works wonders. Begin using the speed trace
when you "beat yourself up" if that ever arises again. Don't wait for
full-blown doyles: you can trace a big doyle away just by tracing the
beginning hints of the full-blown doyle.

Report back after you have done a confirmed speed trace. If you have NO
food dislikes, choose something that looks so awful and smells so
disgusting that it causes you to grimace at the mere thought of eating
it. HOLD the grimace and trace it away. You'll be amazed at the result.

Learn to ask the Plausibility Question right away and you'll likely be
given the cognitive memory your brain just created from the doylic
memory when the doyle went away. May be a mere hint, a word, a sound, a
dim glimpse of an event from the year of the time mark at which the
doyle faded away. If not, the doyle is still gone and the memory may
arise later.

most cordially,

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation
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I-Connecting by Kristina Kaine http://www.doyletics.com/arj/iconnect.htm
Stealing Athena by Karen Essex http://www.doyletics.com/arj/stealing.htm
August Good Mtn Press Digest http://www.doyletics.com/digest088.htm
Reviews & News 2008 by Bobby Matherne ~^~ New Orleans, Louisiana ~^~
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