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Speed Traces and Medication  Bobby Matherne
 Apr 06, 2009 10:20 PDT 

Dear Friends on the World-Wide Doyletics List,

Below is an email from a newcomer to doyletics who was under medication
for her symptoms. It is important to know about that medications may
hamper an effective speed trace by masking the doyles which are needed
to be successful. Bobby

[[> Hi, Bobby. What a fascinating theory! I've been treated for
 anxiety, post-traumatic stress for years. I think I'll try this system and
see how it goes.

Dear Maxine,

Thanks for writing. I wish you success. This is a memory technique not a
therapy, but you may be able to use it to remove the doylic memories
which arise to create the bodily states you wish to be rid of.

If you are currently under medication, you may find it difficult to do a
successful speed trace because the purpose of the medication is to mask
the very bodily states which are needed to do the trace. Any variations
in your medication should be done with your doctor's consent.

If you are not under medication, but just dealing with it, a trace
should be easy to do whenever the bodily states arise.

Start with something easy to bring up, eg, doyles of a food dislike. A
food dislike is also easy to confirm. Once you have a confirmed speed
trace under your belt and have mastered the process of going down your
time MARK while HOLDing a doyle or having it HOLDing you, then you will
be ready to trace away your onerous doyles for good.

most cordially,


P. S. Later Maxine asked if anyone has used the technique successfully
on problems like hers, and I had just received this email that very
morning, and sent the testimony to her (with permission of writer):

[[ "I had a thought this week which is sad and happy both. I haven't hit
anybody for 5 years now thanks to doyletics. That's sad (because I ever
hit anyone) but happy (because I don't anymore). It is clearly a victory
for doyletics not aging or anything else.
I know because I share DNA with folks who are my age and older and on
Prozac etc. etc. etc. and they still hit people.
Muchichimas Gracias" ]]

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation
~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ><(((>!<)))>< ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
Cosmic New Year - Rudolf Steiner
Quantum Enigma by Rosenblum etal
April Good Mtn Press Digest http://www.doyletics.com/digest094.htm
Reviews & News 2009 by Bobby Matherne ~^~ New Orleans, Louisiana ~^~
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