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Case History of George, Part 4  Bobby Matherne
 Sep 24, 2009 11:59 PDT 

George wrote:

I am getting frustrated. I tried my frustration doyle and the head
tension doyle. The shortness of breath and butterflies hit me in the
middle of the doyle trace and since then I have been stuck
trying over and over. How long do I wait to try again ?

Bobby replied:

You are named after the Saint George who is always portrayed as fighting
a dragon in paintings and sculpture. Look at some of these artworks and
see for yourself. This represents the living forces of darkness in the
world which he is fighting, with our help.

You, as George, are fighting your own forces of darkness, which have you
in their grip, up until now.

Let me give you a sword to help in your fight: the Limitation Eraser.
Simply add this phrase to the end of any sentence or thought in your
head: [, up until now.] ALWAYS and ONLY at the END of the SENTENCE.

For example you wrote, "I am getting frustrated."
Repeat the sentence with the phrase in place, pausing to take a deep
breath at the ",":

I am getting frustrated, <pause, deep breath> up until now.

See how you feel when you do this. That feeling is all important in the
healing path you are taking from now on. I expect you to use it when you
write to me as an indication that you are using it in your life.

As I suspected, your doyles are so twisted around each other, that you
cannot HOLD just one long enough to track it down with the speed trace,
up until now.

You must set your bloodhound, Sherlock Holmes self, unto just one track,
one doyle, blast your way through without interruption from now on.

Note: if I suggest something to you, I expect you to tell me exactly
what happened when you did my suggestion. I am most disappointed that I
spent a lot of time telling you to do the speed trace AS FAST AS
POSSIBLE and you do not even acknowledge having done that. I will stop
communicating with you if you continue to treat me as a therapist
instead of a friend and researcher helping you without compensation.
Remember that! My good will will disappear unless you follow
my instructions and respond on EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID AND WHAT HAPPENED

most cordially,

Bobby Matherne

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation
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