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Help for Beginning Speed Tracer  Bobby Matherne
 Nov 27, 2009 12:13 PST 

Dear Friends on the World-Wide Doyletics List,

I have been helping someone do his first speed trace. He grew up in
the Soviet Union and now lives in English-speaking country. Here are
brief excerpts of his questions and my response. Onion water is simply
onions boiled in water and he used it for his first speed trace. Below
are his reactions to the trace and questions about how to proceed, etc.

The details I wrote to him may help other beginners understand their
first speed traces and how to get through them successfully. Bobby

[[ Excerpts:
 I have made onion water yesterday and was absolutely surprised to drink half of it with no problem. My stomach reacted so slightly I did not do trace on it. It was like Huge WOW thing. I drunk whole cup easily. I have to make another experiment just to be sure. I have huge hopes for doyletics to help me back on track. I also have long list of things which causes huge stress to my life While I was successful, I still have large number of questions.

 When I was doing "onion water" trace I did not feel that doyle was gone at one particular age. It was like range of ages, and, if I was not interrupted, I would probably go further .... How I an identify where to stop? I also hardly had any mental thoughts when and how doyle started... Nothing more obvious than mom cooking....

Often doyles build up stronger over several years probably due to
reinforced instances of exposure, so it makes sense, when tracing, that
such doyles would taper off over the same years going backwards. When
to stop tracing is your choice. If you stop too soon, you may have to
do another trace later, IF it comes back.

Your experience with onion water is a good example: if I understand you
rightly, you were expecting a reaction to the onion water yesterday, but
found none, much to your surprise. That means you did a successful trace
earlier and didn't realize it until later when you tested it again. The
thought about your mom cooking is a cognitive memory created during the
trace away of the bodily states, the doylic memory was converted into a
plain memory (cognitive memory) and that led to the thought of the
original event. Over time you may recall more of the memory and find out
why you developed an adverse reaction to the onion water.

 But age of ``mom cooking`` picture was older, then when I started having progress. I did not see anything at that point.

These are details for you to sort out. Additional meanings take time to
form in consciousness. And everyone is different.

 I have noticed it takes time for tracing to come in effect. How many traces is safe to do during the day?   Or should it be something like one in few days -- to let trace to settle?

When in doubt, trace it out! That's our motto. If you're curious about a
particular trace's origin, you might want to "let a trace settle" while
you figure it out. But trace as much as you want. Wanting to trace means
there's things bothering you and why wait?

     I guess I still can not believe in result of first trace :) Since I did not any tracing on onion water, I did some trace on my stomach discomfort...

Okay, here's my story: I NEVER did a trace on sauerkraut or liver. My
very first trace was one in which I created the "speed trace" while
using Doyle Henderson's software (antiquated floppy disk on DOS version,
not available anymore and replaced by easier speed trace). I had a tone
of voice I used that caused my wife Del physical pain in her stomach.
Usually when I yelled at her. As I did the trace, I held the stomach
tightness associated with my yelling voice. When it alleviated, I found
that I could no longer yell with that tone of voice that caused my wife
pain. My stomach tightness was essential to creating the tone.

Weeks later I had a dream in which I was eating sauerkraut and enjoying
it, something I had detested and never eaten before, to my conscious
knowledge -- I would have starved rather than put that detestable food
in my mouth! The only way I could interpret the dream was that I could
now enjoy Reuben sandwiches at our favorite restaurant. I told Del we
were going to that restaurant, Bailey's that very night. We did and I
enjoyed a Reuben sandwich, sauerkraut and pastrami on rye with melted

It was delicious to me!

I loved it. I had watched my wife eat and enjoy Reubens
before, envious of her pleasure and now I could experience it for the
first time! I was a little puzzled about how that could be, of course,
as I had done no trace on sauerkraut whatsoever, to my conscious know-
ledge. But an even bigger surprise awaited me, the next time we ate at
Bailey's, our favorite waiter brought us a complimentary appetizer with
crackers. I put some on a cracker and ate it and it was delicious!
Couldn't figure out what it was. Perhaps tuna fish salad, I thought. Del
said, "No, it's chicken liver pate." "No way" I said, "I cannot bear the
taste of any liver!" So I ate the rest of the concoction and enjoyed,
and when Darren the waiter returned I asked him what it was, "Chicken
liver pate" he said, scooping up the empty bowl land returning with
another full one for me, which I also ate and enjoyed. What was going
on? I pondered the situation.

Later, I asked my mother if she had ever served sauerkraut, "Yes," she
said, "your father hated it." BANG! That collapsed all my memories and I
understood immediately that my dad hated both liver and sauerkraut and I
was sitting there at 3 years old smelling and eating sauerkraut and
enjoying it when my dad looked down at his plate and yelled (with that
hurting tone of voice), "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STUFF!!?!" or something
equally quaint. Immediately my gut tensed up, which is the only defense
against feeling pain from the tone of voice, something I had already
learned to do (but my wife Del didn't know how to do, thus her pain at
that tone of voice when I used it), and the gut-tensed-up doyle got
stored and linked up with the smell of sauerkraut forever, up until my
very first speed trace on the stomach tenseness associated with my own
use of that tone of voice.

See, in order for me to create that tone of voice, I had to tense my
stomach muscles in the same way my father did when he used that tone of
voice. Transmission of doyles between generations illustrated
beautifully! BUT, when that tenseness got connected to the smell of
sauerkraut, I was unable to eat sauerkraut ever again, until I traced
away the stomach tenseness doylic memory and converted it into a
cognitive memory.

Apparently, later, Mom fried some liver and Dad repeated his earlier
performance, and liver went off my diet up until my very first speed
trace. One doylic memory created two separate food dislikes in me for
almost 60 years, and a trace of tenseness in stomach region (with no
thought of either food) traced away BOTH food disliked! And it took
me weeks to discover my two food dislikes had gone forever.

This story explains many of the principles I built into the science of
doyletics, plus how the speed trace evolved.   ]]

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation
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