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Pre-Incarnational Doyles, Yes or No?  Bobby Matherne
 Feb 05, 2002 09:51 PST 
Dear List Members,

A friend wrote me about this Subject and I want to share my responses to
him with you:

 There seemed to be latent blocked memory regions.

Doylic memory is not blocked memory -- it is bodily memory that comes up in
response to the things that happen in one's environment and internal to
one's body. They are stored from 3 months after conception until five years
old, at which time, we achieve what we usually refer to as "memory" which,
rightly understood, refers to conceptual memories. Those begin to be stored
permanently and retrieved on demand.

Before then children have only temporary episodic memories that will not
likely survive into adulthood, a phenomenon that Freud labeled "childhood

I find that it serves no purpose to talk about blocked forces, so I don't.

 It seems that some of the cause or points of origin for various illness forces are blocked, rough memory regions. Some go back into past lives some are present incidents in this incarnation. However I wasn't sure if Doyle accounts for pre-birth memory and re-incarnational memory.

I think I answered the pre-birth memory above -- yes, pre-birth memory
exists up to about 7 months before birth.

The pre incarnational aspects I've been asked about by new age whiz-bang
airheads, and here's my take on that subject. Doylic memory can only stored
in the limbic region during this lifetime, as a result of events happening
during this lifetime. The specific set of doyles that one is exposed to
from -6 months in the womb until five are idiosyncratic to the individual.
There are NO basic emotions that everyone has. Only a set of doyles stored
before five during this lifetime. When we choose our parents, our
environment, in fact, our entire set of ancestors while preparing for
incarnation, we look for those with the set of doyles that we will likely
be exposed to so that we will have specific components of our karmic debt
evoked during this lifetime so that we may work on it. Thus while there are
no reincarnational doyles p e r s e our life works out just as if there

Doyletics is defined as the science of the transmission and acquisition of
doyles (physical body states). Guess who we acquire them from? Those
parents we chose who likely acquired them from their parents on back.

most cordially,


 It would only serve as a de-blocker for this incarnations problems.

De-blocker is a most convoluted term -- something worthy of a US
Congressman who would like to stop the President from vetoing a bill that
will prevent the non-use of federal lands. You figure it out.
That kind of talk is on CSPAN most any day. In the DC Mole Station, it even
passes for intelligence.

~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ><(((><)))>< ^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^
"The Burning Bush" by Edward Reaugh Smith, a Review:
New Digest: http://www.doyletics.com/digest21.htm
Bobby Matherne ~^~^~ New Orleans, Louisiana ^~^~^~^~
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