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Re: Holding Doyles  doyle-@cox.net
 Aug 07, 2005 03:12 PDT 

Jon wrote:

 I am really interested in how one could deal with the idea of fear of

 This seems to be a really important problem in my life and that of others I know.

Dear Jon

The way each person deals with ideas is on an idea level. Ideas are thoughts,
aren't they?

Success is also a thought, is it not? What one person might think is success,
another person might think is not, isn't that so?

Fear is a visceral thing, however, a doyle, a physical bodily state, one that
can be traced and erased. A fear cannot be traced or erased as long as it
remains at the thought or idea level. Only when the fear arises as a bodily
state can it be traced. It matters not how it arrives, by whatever idea or
thought, once the fear is evoked in the muscles (triggered), it can be traced
using the technigues described in the Training Exercise

or the New Introduction. http://www.doyletics.com/introduc.htm

Do NOT attempt your first trace experience trying to trace a fear. Begin with
some food dislike or easily triggered doyle which once traced, you can confirm
that it was a successful doyle. Once you have a confirmed speed trace under your
belt, then you will be ready to attack other doyles such as the fear doyle.

Fear of X, whatever X is, is traceable if a doyle arises in the body. Fear of X
if it remains a thought is not traceable, because thoughts are not doyles. I
hope that is clear.

any other questions?

I remain,

most cordially,

Bobby Matherne

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