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[Fwd: Re: Seasonal doyles]  Bobby Matherne
 Sep 12, 2007 03:44 PDT 

Dear Friends on the World-Wide Doyletics List,

I'm forwarding this to you because of its general interest with the
permission of Chris Bryant. It addresses something that some of you may
be experiencing, problems that recur at the same time each year. These
may be doylic in origin, and subject to removal by a simple speed trace.

Most cordially,


 Chris Bryant wrote:

      If I've asked this before I'm sorry I forgot. Do you see a
seasonal doylic connection? We were just remembering how we were both
more doylic in the fall than any other time. With both our birthdays
in the fall and having had a stillborn daughter in the fall we always
thought it was just big event related. Those big events are being
commemorated and occurring this fall as well but we're not having the
fall fantastics any more.

Yes, there are seasonal doyles. My first exposure to that came from our
daughter who was born in January. She was the first-born, so she was
"plowing new ground" --- being the first baby to transit her mother's
birth canal. That could lead to severe compression of her shoulders and
be stored as a doyle. When the weather outside feels and looks like
January that could be enough to trigger the shoulder pain.

Here's how it happened: Six years ago she told me that her shoulders
were hurting. They got this way in the middle of every January and
the pain went away by February. We discussed doing a doyle trace
and sure enough her shoulder pain went away and has not returned since.

How could a newborn baby know it was January? It's a mystery. But if it
has happened to one person, that's a sign it can happen to any person.
Consider how the "fall fantastics" might have involved doyles arising
from pre-birth, birth, and immediate post-birth events in your two
births. Is it possible that Carla was nearly stillborn? That might have
caused changes in her bio-chemistry triggered by the doylic memory which
predisposed her to have a stillborn child during the fall as well. My
recent studies of human biochemistry revealed to me that what a mother
experiences can have major impacts on an inutero baby. It's a mystery,
but one that a knowledge of doyletics will be able to shed some light
when combined with future research.

thanks for writing and have a great autumnal season this year and from
now on,

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation

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