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Children Traces, No 2  Bobby Matherne
 Aug 25, 2008 06:35 PDT 

Dear Friends on the World-Wide Doyletics List:

This is another update from Sam on doing speed traces with children.

If your children have fears which hinder them from fully enjoying life,
why let them wait until they're old enough to read about doyletics and
begin tracing and erasing those doylic memories for themselves. Just
talk them down their time marks while the onerous doylic memories are
active in them, as Sam has done so brilliantly on several occasion.

[[Last Sunday I went on vacation for a few days with my family to a ski
resort with an Alpine slide and Mountain Coaster.

You have to go on a ski lift to the top of the mountain to use the
slide. I went up with my 4 year old. He started hyperventilating as
soon as the lift started. I started thinking the whole idea was a
mistake. Then I thought of tracing with him. Only 2 traces and 2
minutes later, he was pointing at the ground below and laughing!

Before the slide down we traced, and he actually urged me to go faster!
I was more scared then he was. I Proceeded to trace with my 8 year old
and 6 year old. They actually went up and down the mountain the rest of
the day without me!

Bobby- this stuff is amazing!

All the best
Sam ]]

This is a series of posts which I will be linking to from the doyletics
Main Page to help parents learn about the power of children's traces.
This is a tool that I wish I had when my four kids were the same age as
Sam's are today. Thanks, Sam!

most cordially,

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation

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I-Connecting by Kristina Kaine http://www.doyletics.com/arj/iconnect.htm
Occult History by Rudolf Steiner
August Good Mtn Press Digest http://www.doyletics.com/digest088.htm
Reviews & News 2008 by Bobby Matherne ~^~ New Orleans, Louisiana ~^~
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