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Basic Questions about Tracing  Bobby Matherne
 Feb 04, 2009 07:48 PST 

Dear Friends on the World-Wide Doyletics List:

A new member of the List, Lou, has allowed me to share with you my
answers to some basic questions about tracing which may have occurred to
some of you as well,


Dear Lou,

You asked:

 When you HOLD does that simply mean that you are aware of your body sensations associated with some event or behavior that triggered it?

Yes HOLD means physically HOLD the muscle tension (as most doylic
memories has some muscle component and it's easier to hold a muscle than
other vague symptoms). But you must NOT think of the event associated
with it! WHY?

1) it's not necessary

2) it will likely cause you to
trigger another doyle than the one you began tracing and neither doylic
memory will get traced.

HOLD means in general: keep the doyle present by any means you can come
up with. Holding muscles is one way; looking at the triggering event is
another (the sight of oysters or snails perhaps is enough to trigger a
food dislike)

Best trick is to use the sight to start the bodily states (muscles
tighten in jaw, etc) and HOLD the muscle groups thereafter till trace is
over. HOLD them consciously and you'll immediately feel when the
unconscious tightening is released when you have a successful trace.
There is a thousand of successful ways to trace and a myriad of ways
(10,000) to fail at tracing. The HOLD of muscles is a sure-fire way, so
I urge it for beginners. All those unsuccessful ways involving thinking
about what happened. I did a lot of thinking of what happened to me at
each year or Time Mark when I first began tracing. It was a waste of
time and thought. The faster you got down your time marks the better! is
what I found. No time wasted on thinking and no getting off track.

 Then as you MARK, you count backwards by years until the body sensation disappears?

Don't count, just subtract five or ten years from you current age and
repeat the sentence, "I'm X years old, and I'm experiencing this doyle."
Always in the present tense,eg, it moves you in your memory to ten when
you say "I'm ten years old, ..." and that is the memory track which
makes the trace work.

Yes, "until the body sensation disappears" BUT you MUST
be at or below five years old, or else you'll have a partial trace and
have to repeat it again go and below five.

 Then ask what might have caused this body sensation initially? If you don't get a memory, has it still been successful?

The answer is the booby prize. The conversion of the offending doyle is
the real prize. Some people find out weeks later what the original event
was. Most people get the answer BEFORE they ask the question, but don't
realize it! It comes to you immediately when the doylic memory gets
converted into cognitive memory which is nothing but a regular memory.
The PQ was added simply to remind people that the memory of what
happened is available to them after a trace.

That's why I say, "Pay EXQUISITE attention to what flits through your
mind as the doyle eases away." It may be a thought like, "Perhaps my
mother weaned me from her breast that day." WHERE did the thought to ask
that question come from if not from a newly created cognitive memory?
You never ONCE wondered about that event in your life before now, and
right after you completed a trace on "having a bad day" that question
flitted thru your mind . . . I know because that's exactly what
happened to me a week ago.

most cordially,


P. S. Your three questions may have occured to others on the
List -- may I send this to the List? Mention your name or not?

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation
~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ ><(((><)))>< ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~
The SPIZZNET File - Bobby http://www.doyletics.com/arj/spizznet.htm
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February Good Mtn Press Digest http://www.doyletics.com/digest092.htm
Reviews & News 2009 by Bobby Matherne ~^~ New Orleans, Louisiana ~^~
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