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Case History of George, Part 2  Bobby Matherne
 Sep 24, 2009 11:41 PDT 

George wrote:

I am having problems thinking of a food that I dislike.

Bobby replied:


Get in front of a mirror. Now imagine yourself eating:

Raw oysters? Raw snails? Grub worms? Crickets? Think of the worst thing
you could imagine putting in your mouth while you watch your face in a

Did your face change a bit as you thought of one of these? Then use that
one. THe mere thought of eating such a thing can cause a grimace and
that grimace is a doyle. If you can see a grimace, you can feel the
slight tension in your face. That is the doyle you want to HOLD as you
go down your marks. HOLD it consciously and it will go away sometime
below five.

Doyle Henderson used to suggest a "doggy-doo" sandwich for those with
absolutely no food dislikes. It's the not the "food" that's important,
it's bodily reaction which can be traced away and confirmed that is

It's up to you. This is your first ride on a bicycle and there's some
reluctance to let go of the pavement and push that first pedal down, but
DO IT. The next trip will be easier.


Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation
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