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Case History of George, Part 3  Bobby Matherne
 Sep 24, 2009 11:48 PDT 

NOTE: George gets a confirmed speed trace under his belt, but cannot
trace his problem doyles and even remembers more problems.

George wrote:

Dear Bobby,
I got the food dislike to work. I used dates. But after that I tried my
other problems and they didn't go away. I forgot to mention that I also
have anger and anxiety and they didn't go away either. I know I have
the technique down. I wonder what it could be...

Bobby replied:

Congratulations on getting the training exercise done.

Two things are essential to success: HOLD and MARK

If you go down your Time MARKs to below five, all the way down to -9
months (to conception), and the doyle doesn't go away, then something is
happening during the Marks causing you to lose the doyle and get off the
track. A speed trace is like a bloodhound on a scent. Give it one
handkerchief and it will follow the track and never get lost. But if you
continually change handkerchiefs during the tracking, giving the dog
ones from different people, it will get lost. That's how people who try
to figure out what their symptoms mean do to them: the thinking is like
substituting handerchiefs and you'll never be successful until you stay
on track of ONE DOYLE at a time and NO THINKING ALLOWED.

When you did the date trace, you held the doyle or had the dates in
front of you so that the ONE doyle kept firing off till you converted
the doylic memory into a cognitive memory. What was the doyle triggered
by dates before the trace? What was your experience eating dates after
the trace? Did you get an recollection of what might have happened at
the age the doyle went away to have caused the doyle?

Let's tackle the tightness in your head first and not proceed with any
other doyle trace till you're successful with it. This doyle is holding
you. If you try to "grasp what this symptom means", you will be unable
to do the trace because your very thoughts will trigger other doyles and
get you off the track of the original doyle of tightness in your head.
Pick a time when the tightness is most present and obvious. Call the
tightness "this doyle" and begin the trace AS FAST AS YOU CAN, going
down the MARKs so fast you can't think of anything else, but saying the


Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation
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