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Case History of George, Part 8 of 8  Bobby Matherne
 Sep 25, 2009 08:01 PDT 

Dear Friends,

Thanks for sticking through this process with me and George. This
detailed case history proceeded similar to other cases, but George
explained his steps very well and made it possible for me to use this as
a teaching example. It explains why people who have been through therapy
often have the most difficult time in doing simple traces. George's use
of "disorder" instead of "doyle" keep triggering off other doyles and
kept him off the path down to the important doyle --- it kept him from
HOLDing the single doyle and vitiated his early traces.

If you're having difficulty doing a successful speed trace on a problem,
reading about George's tortuous path to success may help you find your

most cordially,



George wrote:

Email 1:
Dear Bobby,
I got it.

Email 2:
Dear Bobby,
No more nagging from now on. I have successfully traced 3 doyles back
to two years old:

panic disorder, pouting, and selfish

I asked my mom some questions and they all led back to me around two,
crying for my dad to come back to watch a dinosaur movie with me.
He left for work.

I'd rage hell till he returned. It feels good to figure them out.

I owe it all to you and to myself a little. My head tension and
stomach butterflies and shortness of breath are still here though.

Bobby replied:
CONGRATULATIONS, my dear George!

The rest will be easier from now on. The butterflies will fly away
and a cool breeze will come . . .

warm regards,


George wrote:

Email 3:   

Oh yeah one other thing: when I was doing a couple speed traces,
slip of the tongue over and over I would say disorder instead of
doyle, up until now.

Email 4:
Dear Bobby,
thank you very much for your patience with me. I hope I am
being more respectful since your forewarning.

Bobby replied:

Yes, you are. Generally folks who have had therapy have the hardest
getting accustomed to the simplicity of the speed trace.

There's an old story you may not have heard: A man was riding in a wagon
full of lumber being pulled by a mule when the mule stopped and wouldn't
go further. The man calmly walked to the back of the wagon, took a 2X4
and whacked the mule across the head. A preacher was passing nearby at
the time and told the man, "Perhaps if you asked nicely the mule would
listen." The man said, "Yes, Preacher, you are right, the mule would.
But first you have to get its attention."

Some things are necessary to get a person's attention which has been
otherwise diverted in useful ways, and then things can get moving again.

Thanks for your courage and sticking with the process. You made it
happen and I was glad to be there with you as you did.

Good luck with your education and make it a great life for yourself,

best wishes,


Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher
The Doyletics Foundation
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