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Re: Mike Jamison new kid on the block  Bobby Matherne
 Jul 07, 2000 08:24 PDT 
Dear Mike,

 My current challenge is the fear that I am experiencing as I change my
mental models around the work that I do. I have always used the approach
that to develop skills will help improve performance. I am currently working
with some folks that follow a mental model of analyzing the problem and
understanding it then bring in skill building to improve performance. This
is a complete change of direction for me. I have trouble keeping in the new
paradigm and constantly think in my old paradigm. That generates fear of
success, failure, ignorance and all the other bad kinds of fears that I can
think about. It is very unsettling. That is the negative stuff.

We have all encountered unsettling stuff in our lives. And the
fear that comes with change is very real.

Let me say one thing about paradigms: if you study enough new
paradigms you will discover that there is a universal: always the
new paradigm is discussed in the terms of the old paradigm. It
takes time for the new paradigm to be assimilated into our
thinking so that we no longer think using the old words, we even
create new words or new meanings for words to make that happen.
"Paradigm" was such an old word; it meant only "model" till Thomas
Kuhn used it in his 1962 classic work, "The Structure of
Revolutions" and the rest is a new "paradigm" from now on.

The next point: we DON'T remove FEARS! In the old paradigm we
talked about removing fears, emotions, etc. Now we have the
descriptive word doyle to refer directly to the physical body
states that comprise fears and emotions. Now we can say precisely
what we do during a doyle trace: we remove doyles.

If you remove a doyle from a fear, the intelligent part of the
emotion-laden fear remains, but the some component of the
emotion-laden component no longer returns. Thus one is better able
to address one's "fears" when the emotion-laden component is gone.
Note the confusion that occurs if we equate one of our fears with
its emotion-laden component:

We might be led to think that removing the fear would somehow make
us become so foolish as to disregard our safety . . . nothing
could be further from the truth. Removing a doyle component of a
fear allows us to lucidly and carefully address a situation that
formerly we have only muddled through -- survived in spite of the
emotion-laden effects of the fear as it has always been, up until

Makes sense?

Never fear -- you will be able to handle your fear situations much
better once you remove a doyle or two that bothers you. Ever try
shooting pool when your 3-yr-old son is pulling on your arm for a
coke? That's what a fear is like in the effects it has on you,
rightly understood. Doing a trace is like going into the pool hall
without your son from now on.

One friend of mine, exhibiting this semantic confusion, didn't
want to do a doyle trace because she was afraid that removing
sadness would somehow remove joy from her life. I didn't know
exactly how to answer her back then, but now I know that removing
a doyle from what she called sadness would not have removed her
ability to experience sadness, but only allowed her to cope better
with her sadness if her 3-yr-old self wasn't sobbing in her ear.
And no way would it have had any effect on joy in her life. Doyles
can block joy -- joy is what we feel like when all negative
emotions are gone and we simply experience life directly.

Now, Mike, for your situation. Do a speed trace of a food dislike,
if you have one. That's what I suggest for newbie's to get
confirming data that the process works. Why food dislikes? That's
such a trivial portion of one's life! I can always avoid eating
fried liver and onions as an adult. No one can force me to
anymore! Yes, but many food dislikes come from being forced to eat
stuff you didn't like at 3, and now as an adult, being forced to
do something you don't like, can trigger similar doyles.

Learn to do the traces quickly -- fifteen seconds is just about
right. You are then ready to trace any doyle that is likely to
stay around longer than 15 seconds. When it arises, trace it out.
Use the speed trace to remove the emotion-laden components of the
fears of "success, failure, and ignorance" that you mentioned.
That will clear your head for dealing with the new paradigm
without the scared kid tugging on your sleeve, messing up your
shot, asking, "Daddy, can we go home? I don't like this place!"

 Now for the positive. I believe if this new model is correct I could be more
effective as a organizational scientist that I have ever been. It has been
frustrating to me in the past when the organizations want to develop and I
design a intervention for them that leaves both of us frustrated. Some folks
are ready for the intervention and some are not. Those that are not often
feel they wasted their time and their performance is flat of worse declines a
little. That model has been in operation for the past 30 plus years and I
have repeated it several times with the same basic result. Little if any
true performance improvement with time, money, energy and emotion being
spent. So my first question to you (if you decide to accept it ) is, does
this make any sense to you? If it does what are your thoughts? If not what
would you like to know that would help clarify the current reality that I am
in at the moment.

Whew! You ask big complicated questions, don't you? Trace that
feeling of frustration and remove some strong doyle that has been
associated with it every time, up until now. Then see how your
experience changes with subsequent interventions.

 Thanks I look forward to your input.

Thank you for asking -- I love difficult questions as it prompts
me to think and write in terms of this new paradigm.

Good luck, and keep in touch as you go along. There are over a
dozen expert tracers on this list. I'm only one. I can give my
perspective, but others have a different perspective that may
speak better to you.

in freedom and light,


Bobby Matherne-- Bob-@doyletics.com -- New Orleans, Louisiana
Take a Walk Down Memory Lane to an Ecology of Mind . . .
Read about an Innovative Memory Technique at: http://doyletics.com
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