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Addiction First/Unknown Quantity was Re: Robert
Downey, Jr.
 Sam Di Chiera
 Jan 10, 2001 18:17 PST 
[Please note, some terms and spelling are in correct English/British
Format, such as utlise with an "s" instead of a "z" as in US

Hi Daniel

At 11:27 AM -0800 28/11/00, Daniel Gilliland wrote:
 Well once again Mr. Downey finds himself in trouble with the law due to his
drug habits. If I had to guess, he probably spends long enough in jail each
time to become physically detoxified, thus his inevitable return to the
drugs upon release is probably doyletic in nature. I was just shaking my
head while reading about his latest arrest in the newspaper the other day.
I was thinking maybe someone (me?), should he get sent off to the slammer
again (he will) this time around, ought to write up a quick explanation of
doyletics and send him a copy describing how to trace those same old
feelings that get him in trouble all the time. Just an idea... The
troublesome part is, even if he were to successfully trace such feelings, I
think he has probably been given enough second chances, and the judge would
be very unlikely to let him out again.

With Downey and others with a similar drug problem - the current and
probably the best strategy to take would be to first "eliminate the
addiction!" He has to "WANT" to get back on track - not merely using
"willpower" or "determination" - which quickly runs out fast when
faced with the task of "not taking this substance for the betterment
of my health."

In street terms, the brain is "fried!" It's pretty typical for
someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol to revert back to them.
The "Doyle" that caused the "need" for drugs or excessive alcohol is
still present. Today's current "therapy" of willpower (as in AA,
along with pathetic affirmations) are useless in the face of
recurring addiction.

The more the "user" takes, the more physical damage is done to the
brain and the body. Resistance to the drug makes it difficult to
"resist" further use. P! can help drug users - can do wondrous
things... but it starts with the USER.

(Hey Bobby, I know you "deplore" the "recombining" notion or rather
the use of the word/term - I have no other way of using another word
in it's place at this moment in time...)

Whatever "doyle" is being combined - is then being recombined again
and who knows, again and again. This sets the turn of events that
leads the addict down the path to taking drugs again. In addition,
recombining can occur, via places, people and things associated with
drugs and exposure to it - whatever - will trigger that response -
thereby taking drug addicts back to more drugs. The cycle begins
again. As in the case of Downey. I suspect with Downey - it was
more of a case of being back in familiar places and situations,
leading to usage all over again.

(By the way, the news reported that Downey's father who also verified
the story - that he was given a joint by his father when he was SIX
years old - thereby leading to his addiction. While this is up to
argument, it is not the case with many addicts who take drugs and
drink alcohol to excess - they started for different and various

In doyletics some might argue that the joint happened before Memory
Transition Age/MTA, leading him to want more and more - in this case,
I don't buy that at all. Downey's problems, as best we know,
happened later. Again, this part is up for discussion, if the
occurrence was one of being linked to the "pleasure" of what occurred
prior to MTA - and in later life - looking for that same pleasure -
leading to addiction - can be argued - but I would disagree at this
stage as that being the case.)

The thing is - that the road for "cure" is there. But it only starts
with the addict wanting to change that. With Downey it would begin
with first - the addiction - then the doyle that started it all.
Vice versa? Wouldn't matter really - as long as that is what Downey
wanted. Either way - he would have to make that choice and trace out
the Doyle. No amount of determination or willpower will change an
altered chemical mind - both "disciplines" would run out fairly
quickly before any benefit could be derived. I doubt prison/or
rehabilitation prison will help Downy much. The strike rate has been
virtually non-existant in the past with others - why would it be any
different with Downey?

At 1:07 PM -0800 28/11/00, Bobby Matherne wrote:
 As for Mr. Downey, I would leave him alone in his adventures through
life. One of the non-longterm approaches, one which is very popular
obviously, to new things is to get them in front of some Talk Show

I think Bobby is correct in saying "leave Downey alone." I also
believe that Downey and other addicts would probably not read
entirely the - Doyletics concept. This is an assumption on my part.
In most cases it can be a case of "once an addict, always..." you get
the picture. It's not all hopeless though. Those that want to, will
understand and utilise the concept - although I suspect they will be
few and far between.

The majority of people who will read and apply Doyles concept will be
those who have a real want of eliminating the Doyles that are
destroying their happiness. And those who have loved ones with
problems who they want to help. Those will be the ones who spread
the science of Doyletics. I think it was Bobby who said that it will
start with 1 or two people and spread from there.

I believe that. I feel if one person gets it - so will another. And
then another. It's only a matter of time.

In some cases it can take time to change minds. The changing of
minds from a bicameral to a conscience mind was said to have taken
centuries. However, in todays world of fast information - I suspect
that the science (and the meme) of Doyletic's will spread much
quicker. Addicts like Downey will be some of the last to utilise
this new emerging science!

Also, Bobby's comments on presenting this work to a talk-show host,
etc. I say, for now, forget that notion. It wouldn't work. There
is not enough people yet who have "used" Doyletics for change. I
don't have a number for "enough" - but let me say - MORE than the
number of people who know and have used it - THAN today!

In taking this to the media - in a major way - it will need to be
part of a well planned and structured procedure to move the concept
to more people. Otherwise - building a short-term momentum without
"serious back up" is a waste of time and may drive the discovery
further away from people who could use this information today.

And without any structured back-up - the major media would be
merciless - relentless in fact... and the result could be negative
rather than positive. Doyle had some success with Dvorak's Radio
Show (see www.website-1.com), but major media would not be so

(That's not to say that there is nothing you can do! I will outline
in the next email, some ideas that each of us can do to help the
Doyletics spread to more people - who will understand - thereby
creating a base for it grow from where it currently is. That will be
an entirely new subject - and hopefully we can all come up with ideas
that will "slowly but surely" get the message out.)

Here is something else to consider: The companies and organisations
that control the doctors and "medical" drugs on this planet - can
take more than 10 years to HEAR a valid discovery from one of their
own!!! My best one for this example - and it's so close to our
timeframe - is Barry Marshalls early eighties discovery.

Australian Researcher/Doctor Barry Marshall, discovered by accident,
that a bug caused 80% of all known ulcers that were being treated by
drugs to no cure. But it STILL took "one of their own" over 10 years
to finally get this information out - to change the lives of many.

Once the discovery was out - EVERYONE jumped on the bandwagon - but
the discovery - once accepted - was fueled by the various companies
who could then substitute selling H2 Blockers (such as Zantac,
Tagamet) to anti-biotics that would kill the "H.pylori" bug. There
are quite a few common herbs which will do the same thing - but the
industry had to have something to sell before "admitting" that there
was another avenue to use. (Lucky for me that I came across Barry
Marshalls discovery, some 2 years before the rest of the medical
fraternity caught on... I was already taking 3 times the daily dosage
of Zantac for relief! 2 weeks of anti-biotics several years back - I
haven't had to take Zantac ever since.)

The same can be said of Doyletics - there is too much invested in the
current psych model - some 90 years!

Imagine just in the therapist field - the amount of investment there.
I am told that the biggest concentration of therapist's per head of
population is in New York City... now how many people living in NY or
any other large city - have been "cured" of their emotional ills?
Not many. The model is flawed. And unfortunately - the
"institutions" will not take Doyletics on - not until there are "many
more ordinary folk" who are getting "EXTRA-ordinary" results.
(Therapist - break it down - "The-Rapist!")

So it won't just be Downey who will resist this new information and
discovery - but most of the people who have too much invested in what
they do every day. Doyletics will spread via people, as I said
before, who want to help loved ones and then with their own
EXTRA-ordinary results will want to spread the word further. And
besides, once you learn and apply - why would you need emotional
control drugs or a therapist for anyway?


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