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Welcome to the World-Wide Doyletics List  Bobby Matherne
 May 15, 2001 13:30 PDT 
Dear Members,

I thought you each like to read what I'm posting to new members who
subscribe. We received two new subscription requests today which I
approved. I sent the new members the following message at the end of my

If you have been a member for some time and have not introduced yourself,
please consider this an invitation for you to do so at this time.
Especially note the REQUIREMENT that I know your real name. Send that to me
to ensure you will not be removed from the List.

I have been extraordinarily busy and have not had the time to be
researching and posting material to the List that I would like to.
So, it's up to you, each of you, to carry on the work of researching and
discussing the nascent science of doyletics and sharing how it's working
for you in your lives. I appreciate each and every one of you and the
interest that you show by just being members of this List.

most cordially,

Bobby Matherne
Principal Researcher, Doyletics

Dear <new member>;

We received your request to be added to the World-Wide Doyletics List. I
have approved your subscription pending an introduction of yourself to the

Would you be so kind as to introduce yourself to the List as all new
members are requested to do when they are first added to the List? This is
my private list and even though the posts may be read by anyone, only those
persons whose real names I know are allowed to be members and post to the
list. If you wish to use an alias in your posts, I would still require that
you identify yourself to me. I hope that this policy is acceptable to you.
Let me know either way.

For your introduction, nothing too fancy, just tell us your approximate
age, where you live in the world, what kind of work you do, current
challenges in your life, and anything else you might like to add. We have
all ranges of knowledge of doyletics on the List from complete newbies to
old hands, from youngsters in their teens to grandparents like myself and
Doyle Henderson.

Tell us if you've tried a speed trace, if you like, or you may just want to
lurk after you've sent your introduction.

This is the Members List, and I encourage you to start new threads or
participate in threads that others start. I also suggest you post
any short "Atta Boy!" messages directly to the poster
to avoid filling up everyone's Inbox with short messages.

Any problems, questions about the list, feel free to send me an email. Many
of the private emails I receive I later request permission to post on the
list. When in doubt, post to the List so that all may have a chance to
share your experiences and answer any questions from their own experiences.

most cordially,


^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~~The Beat goes on~~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^
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