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List Name eMarketers Kicking Ass, Takin' Names (opt-in, of course) (eAss)
Purpose: This is our forum to discuss online marketing. Let's make this a pitch-free zone. Sorry, no salespeople. Are you still doing CPM deals? What are you nuts! CPA...Bounty...Rev-Share... Performance-based (i.e. low risk) is where it's at!

Gone are the days of paying Yahoo! a million bucks, closing your eyes, crossing your fingers and hoping something good's gonna happen. The Internet is all about excess inventory and if sites won't share the risk, we won't work with them.

If biz-dev people call and ask you for $ shouldn't they change their title to "sales-rep"?

The financial climate is currently so bad, what are you doing to weather the Perfect Storm? What happens when you've appeared in fucked-company three times in one month? Do you feel like your on the Titanic? Thinking about jumping ship and grabbing a life raft, or at least your Herman Miller chair?

Why is my competition ranking higher in search engines? What burning questions do you have that Jeeves can't answer? Post and you shall receive. Let's share what's working, exchange new ideas and kick eAss!
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Created: Mar 11, 2000
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