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Support ETAN in 2008!  John M Miller
 Dec 07, 2007 07:27 PST 

Spread the word. You can download a printable PDF of the appeal from
http://www.etan.org/etanpdf/2007/etanchomskyappl.pdf. Thanks for the
support! - John


December 2007

Dear Friend and ETAN Supporter,

While East Timor and Indonesia are mostly ignored by the mainstream
media, the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) has
continued to campaign for the rights of the East Timorese and
Indonesian people. To continue this important work, ETAN needs your support.

In 2007, ETAN spearheaded an election observer mission to monitor
East Timor's presidential election and run-off and its first-ever
parliamentary election. ETAN undertook this ambitious project in
response to concerns from friends in East Timor that the elections
might inflame simmering political and social tensions in the young
country, with violence again threatening the Timorese people.

Working on a shoestring budget, ETAN initiated the Solidarity
Observer Mission for East Timor (SOMET), making it possible for 34
international election observers to work side-by-side with a similar
number of observers from East Timorese civil society. You can read
SOMET's three thorough, well-received reports on ETAN's website

SOMET -- the only international non-governmental observer group
present in East Timor for all three elections -- included longtime
East Timor solidarity activists with well-established links to East
Timorese groups, local government, and the international agencies
focused on the elections. ETAN was thus able to truly support a free,
fair and peaceful process, while maintaining its independence.

Through SOMET, ETAN helped dozens of activists experience the reality
of East Timor, many for the first time. ETAN's electoral monitors
returned home with renewed and deepened commitment to East Timor
solidarity work. ETAN will support and amplify these continued
efforts. You generous contribution will help ETAN to build on this new energy.

The still nascent nation of Timor-Leste needs our strong support. Its
newly-elected government is struggling to fulfill promises and meet
expectations. Fledgling justice, education and health systems need
attention. Those most responsible for the many human rights crimes
perpetrated during the brutal Indonesian occupation have yet to be
held accountable.

Democracy and human rights activists in Indonesia also benefit from
ETAN's work. They know that anti-militarist pressure on Washington is
key if there is to be any hope for military reform in their homeland.
The Bush administration and a compliant Congress undercut concrete
steps forward for reform and human rights accountability by lifting
all restrictions on military assistance to Indonesia. ETAN is
doggedly working to reverse this decision and to monitor the impact
of such assistance on a military which continues to commit atrocities
in West Papua and elsewhere.

With your support, ETAN will organize future solidarity delegations,
while continuing to advocate for justice and restrictions on military
support for Indonesia. ETAN plans to hold a conference in 2008 to
bring activists, academics, religious and governmental leaders
together to deepen our understanding of the current situation and
strengthen solidarity with the Timorese people.

I've long admired ETAN's ability to do so much with so few resources.
While its budget is small, it is tenacious in its pursuit of justice
and accountability. This persistence has accomplished much over the
last decade and a half. But ETAN's budget is tight, and it relies on
donors like yourself to continue its important work. By giving
generously, you can help strengthen ETAN to meet the challenges of
the coming year.
Thank you for joining me in supporting ETAN's invaluable work.



Noam Chomsky

P.S. You can contribute safely through ETAN's website:
http://etan.org/etan/donate.htm. Or you can mail your donation. To
support ETAN's political advocacy work, write a check made out to
"ETAN." For ETAN's educational efforts, tax-deductible donations of
over $50 can be made out to "A.J. Muste Memorial Institute/ETAN."

Please mail your donations to: East Timor and Indonesia Action
Network (ETAN), PO Box 21873, Brooklyn, NY 11202-1873.

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