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EGR - The Riddle of the Personal  Christopher Locke
 Sep 15, 1999 12:11 PDT 
    EGR is graciously underwritten by Entropy Web Consulting
   "Industry Heavies Saying Nice Things About Us, For Money."

Valued Readers:

OK Sports Fans, the personalization site is now open. For those
of you who had trouble getting in a day or two ago (we've totally
lost track of time), there's no more login-password bullshit.

A review is already up on this Comcast Online site:

   A new site that launches today opens a space where companies
   can explore how to be personal without seeming smarmy or

Look for "The Riddle of the Personal" right under the picture of
Pretty Boy Floyd. Read editor Tom Matrullo's other stuff while
you're there. He's a Friend of EGR in Good Standing, and a deep
thinker on important matters. We got on the phone a couple days
ago and zipped from the Greek Agora through the Italian
Renaissance and up to Mussolini, fascism and Ezra Pound's Cantos
in nothing flat. Would that all phoners could be so interesting.

Bet we digress. The press release also went out this morning. If
you're even remotely interested (doubtful, we know), you can cop
a look at the following URLs:



Please spam these around to all yer pals. Give em to your dog.
Send em to yer Granny. Collect the whole set.

After this insanity dies down, we'll be back with more of our
own. Trust us on this one. F. Scott Fitzgerald once said that
genius was the ability to hold two opposing ideas in the mind at
the same time and not go mad. That was right before he flipped
out. Fortunately for us, we don't have to worry about going mad.

For obvious reasons.

The Management

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