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EGR - All Your Base Are Belong To Us  Christopher Locke
 Feb 23, 2001 19:48 PST 
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Valued Readers:

As you know, EGR rarely speaks out on topical issues -- at least not
until long after they cease to make any difference. To do otherwise
would be gauche. But there's something that's been deeply bothering us
lately. It used to be that an employer could get a full day's work for a
fair day's pay. That's just not true anymore. Not when a mere handful of
URLs can cost an industry billions of dollars in lost productivity and
depreciated worker morale. Take these for example...


Particularly offensive in this regard are bandwidth-hogging files like
the following, which employees in major corporations not only download
and waste precious worktime watching, but also delight in sharing with
their ne'er-do-well intranet cronies.


Something must be done. The country is going to the dogs. What happen?
Somebody set up us the bomb. All your base are belong to us.

How are you gentlemen!!

The Management

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