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EGR/MB: let the good times roll  clo-@panix.com
 Sep 12, 2005 04:15 PDT 

Valued Readers:

Here ya go.


title="permanent link">follow your shiny bliss - to perdition!

Let me go to hell, that's all I ask, and go on cursing them there,
and them look down and hear me. That might take some of
the shine off their bliss.

~ Samuel Beckett ~

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Nothing new here for a while, I know. Partly, it's been because of
events in my personal life -- i.e., that part of my existence I cordon
off from what? Its more weighty impersonal, aspects? WTF, I agree. But
my absence without leave was also because I've been slumming again -- I
can't seem to help myself -- in the religion department. Mostly on
Amazon, as usual, but also tonight in the brick-and-mortar Barnes &
Noble in lovely downtown Boulder.
And whoa! Have they ever made some changes there since I last
dropped by. Suddenly it seems there are many more religion aisles to
slum in. Unless it's my imagination, the Philosophy section seems
considerably smaller, as do Science and Psychology. But New Age and
Astrology and Wicca and various subcategories of The Occult have grown,
along with Christianity, and (no, not the same thing, Virginia)
Religion. The whole place has taken on a distinctly spiritual
atmosphere in which titles like <a
target="_blank">A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory and <a
target="_blank">Pomosexuals: Challenging Assumptions About Gender and
Sexuality seem a bit uncomfortable jammed up against <a
target="_blank">Surrendering Your Life for God's Pleasure on one
side, and on the other <a
target="_blank">The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of
-- the latter being "A Toltec Wisdom Book" that suggests if you want to
imagine the perfect lover, you consider your dog. An Amazon reader
gives a pretty close paraphrasing of this astounding insight...

Ruiz compares the ideal relationship
to the one we have with our pet --
say our dog. The relationship with our dog is perfect because we get
exactly what we expect from our dog. We never wish that our dog would
be better at being a dog, and we love it freely just as it is. Yet with
our mate we tend not to accept them as they are...

I wonder if the mismatch between the singular "mate" and
the plural pronoun "them" is a clue here. Perhaps "our mate" has
Multiple Personality Disorder. That would explain a lot. And of course,
most dogs don't have this problem unless they live on the Upper West
Side. So maybe that's what Don Miguel was trying to say. Who
fucking knows with these Toltec Wisdom types?

much much more on
href="http://mysticbourgeoisie.blogspot.com/">the site
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