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EGR/MB: yet another cheerful unsubscribe troll  clo-@panix.com
 Oct 19, 2005 12:36 PDT 

Valued Readers,

Just one more, I promise. I'm crazed with Mad Cow, I'm sleep deprived,
I'm not performing up to my Personal Best. And this goddam email client
can't seem to format HTML for shit. Who invented "Rich Text Format,"
anyway? It was Microsoft, wasn't it? I knew it. I knew I hated those
bastards worse than death. I don't give a damn about the operating
system. They can keep their OS. It's RTF that has to go. Bill, come
over here. No, come over closer. I want to whisper in your ear...


Oh, wait. I'm using Thunderbird. Nevermind.

But see? This way I'm saving those of you lucky enough to have
corporate spam filters from ever seeing this 19th post in as many
hours. Always thinking of the customer, that's me...

bada bing!

style="font-size: 10pt; line-height: 0.8em;">mystic bourgeoisie

title="permanent link">cross cultural

       I just reviewed <a
book on Amazon. OK, so I admit I was cross. And not very
src="cid:part1.050207-@panix.com" align="absbottom"
border="0" height="12" width="64">a little matter of marketing,
October 19, 2005
style="font-weight: bold;">Christopher Locke (Boulder, CO)
- <a
all reviews
onclick="return amz_js_PopWin('/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/14279681/pop-up/ref=cm_rn_bdg_help/102-4166254-3395330#RN','AmazonHelp','width=340,height=340,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,toolbar=1,status=1');"><img
src="cid:part2.050103-@panix.com" alt="(REAL NAME)"
align="middle" border="0" height="15" width="70">
I'm giving this book 4 stars, as that's the current rating, and I don't
want to drag the authors' work down with these remarks. Having said
that, one might think that a book that "examines the role of culture in
interpreting and explaining behaviors that resemble personality
disorders but are, instead, normative to a given culture" deserves a
chance to be read by practitioners in <img
src="cid:part3.000200-@panix.com" align="left" border="0"
hspace="6" vspace="6">non-"given"
-- presumably non-white, presumably non-wealthy -- cultures. This is
not going to happen at Wiley's list price of $126.50. Which is a shame,
in more ways than one. Perhaps such inequities could be some sort of
clue to "Borderline Personality Disorder" as manifested outside our
squeaky clean upper middle class suburbs, where people think nothing of
shelling out 100+ bucks for a textbook. You think?
      [mad-dog emphasis added]
      For less serious fare, you might enjoy my review of <a
target="_blank">The Flying Saucers Are Real (page down a bit).
      And while I'm at it, why not throw in this "So You'd Like
To..." guide:
      8. <a
yourself from the Mystic Bourgeoisie
        by <a
        136 of 150 people found
this guide helpful. Read
1,312 times.
The problem with this last one is that it's a magnet for
every New Age piece of trash on the site. You'll see what I mean if you
go there and check the right column. This guide hit #1 across all of
Amazon the second day it was up, but has since fallen to #8. Some of
the folks it attracts (see drek-magnet, above) don't seem to take
kindly to my views and/or attitude, and they vote the page unhelpful.
And so: namastes out the yin-yang? Don't go there!
      Otherwise, <a
target="_blank">please do visit and click the <img
src="cid:part4.030906-@panix.com" align="bottom" border="0">
button. Thnx.

posted to Mystic
Bourgeoisie by clocke sometime way too late on the day of
inescapable doom.
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