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EGR/MB/Net2: rare photos of RB  clo-@panix.com
 Oct 10, 2005 11:03 PDT 

Valued Readers,

While clocke was sawing logs this morning, I was able to commandeer the
interface and post several photos of myself. He later went to the
various blogs I stuck them on and added that I look stupid. No way. I
think I look dignified! Judge for yourself.

Here's one of me and Kevin Marks <a
href="http://www.rageboy.com/blogger.html">on the EGR blog. Photo
credit: Esther Dyson.

I also posted a suitable-for-framing cigar-store Indian <a
href="http://mysticbourgeoisie.blogspot.com/">on Mystic Bourgeoisie.

There's another pic of ***ME*** <a
the NetSquared blog. But then Locke went in and added all kinds of
extraneous crap about the starving hordes of planet earth -- bleeding
heart liberal that he is. Whatever happened to that trusty old standby:
the shaken-not-stirred Molotov Cocktail? It seems an appropriate time
to bring back that oldie-but-goodie, especially in light of Locke's
lift from this forthcoming book's jacket copy:

<a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1844670228/ref_ase"
target="_blank"><img src="cid:part1.030406-@panix.com"
alt="Planet of Slums" align="right" border="0" height="186" width="130"><font
color="#cc0000">"Planet of Slums ends with a provocative
meditation on the 'war
on terrorism' as an incipient world war between the American empire and
the slum poor."

Not bad, not bad. But then, as usual, Locke f*cks it up (I'm sick of
getting corporate filtering "warnings" about my bad language. Those

Leaving aside the dire geopolitical implications of such a view, it's
clear that governments alone are incapable of adequate response to
large-scale disaster relief. More to the point, the "disaster" is
ongoing. Behind the attention grabbing headlines in today's papers,
there is a world of human suffering obscured by the self-important
posturing that passes for "the news." The Internet has played no small
role in surfacing the reality of that "other" world and the immediacy
of its needs.

Anyway, <a
more. Sadly for you, there's always more...

my condolences,

style="font-size: 10pt; line-height: 0.8em;">mystic bourgeoisie
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