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List Name ei-4internal (ei-4internal)
Purpose: You are subscribed to Earth Island's internal mailing list. This is a
closed unmoderated list.

"Closed" means only Earth Island's "family" may read these messages. It is
*NOT* for the general public.

"Unmoderated" means you may "post" (email to this mailing list) anything.
(Sorry, only text, no pictures.)

When you send an email message to this mailing list, everyone who's
"subscribed" will receive your message.

Courtesy alert: When replying to a posting, please make it obvious to which
posting you are replying to. Example:

"Re: '...the Earth Day event was too commercial...' I even saw McDonald's

Warning: While this mailing list is closed (private), email is not
hacker-proof. A hacker could read your message while it's in transit. It's
possible for a hacker to imitate someone. Never post credit card numbers or
strictly private information.

This mailing list is intended to facilitate communications internally to
Earth Island.
List Type: Moderated discussion
Subscription: Requires owner approval
Archive: Readable by subscribers only
Created: Sep 15, 1999
Owners: Amy Lucas, Owner 2, Neal Wright, Sonja 8, Owner 5
To Join: Subscribe here, or send an email to ei-4internal-subscribe@igc.topica.com
To Post: Send mail to 'ei-4internal@igc.topica.com'
Stats: 5 subscribers / 3 messages per week
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