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Where are the serious transcendentalists?  william.-@navy.mil
 Jan 11, 2007 14:07 PST 

Gangaji Expose Continued:
After sending out the original nicely formatted “Gangaji Exposed”
document directly to all those that requested it of me, I received the
following comment.   My response follows and it applies to everyone
participating on this blog.

Comment Received:




Name Withheld

January 10, 2007

Who’s Interpretation?

Thank you for the courtesy of a response.   Usually people who are
enamored by a New Age guru are so entrenched with the particular
“Opinions” they teach that their students aren’t even willing to have a
civilized dialogue with someone who doesn’t sing in the local choir.
There are many names for this type of phenomena but the two most popular
terms used by psychologists are “Group Think” and “Cult Indoctrination.”

So in that regard you stand out and I acknowledge and thank you for a
response. However it is clear by what you said that you have a lot of
sentiment for Gangaji which you defend based on your own “Direct
Experience of ,,, Peace and Contentment”   As long as this is the only
criteria you use for measuring the veracity of what Gangaji teaches,
then I am sure she will continues to satisfy your current state of
awareness as long as nothing changes to disrupt your ”Peace and
Contentment”   May you hope for the best!   Until then there will be
little I or anyone can say to jar you into a more serious examination of
your own fears, prejudices, illogical thought processes and conditional

That is both the beauty and the trap of the way the world is so
expertly designed. We are each endowed with the freedom to believe
whatever we want all the time.   Nothing new here.   You are welcome to
disagree with what I have written and can always use that to
off-handedly dismiss it as mere “…theory and conceptualization based on
(My) interpretation of the things (I) have studied. “

But such a flippant response places you squarely in the cross hairs of
typical cult thinking that is just as obnoxious and immature as that
used by the myopic “Born Again Christian.” Those folks are so terrified
of actually stepping out of the comfort zone of their own church full of
like minded individuals, that they also doctrinally reject anyone who
challenges them to reexamine the origin of what they have come to
believe and why.   

Flaw of Personal Experience

If you are really committed to knowing what is “True” you would
recognize that discerning it requires much more then just what you
“Experience.”   Unless of course you consider yourself to be a perfect
being who has properly “Experienced” and understood everything that
could possibly exist in the world!   You really don’t expect me to
accept that do you?

Basing truth on one’s limited personal experience is the most common
trap that aspiring transcendentalist fall into because it seems so
correct.   Gee… if what Gangaji tells me makes me feel peaceful and
content.. .then it must be true!   Of course this logic is exactly what
the followers of David Koresh, Marshal Applewhite, and Jim Jones also
used and all of their followers were so convinced in what their teacher
said they were willing to give up their lives to demonstrate it!   Non
the less, the world was not impressed over their tragic suicides and
instead of becoming spiritual martyrs, the earned themselves the ignoble
reputation of being the most emotionally confused people who also
thought THEY knew what was “True.”

The fact is that God gave you intelligence for the purpose of using it
to ask Gangaji intelligent questions and getting reasonable answers, not
riddles, equivocal suggestions, or deprecating expressions meant to
belittle one into indolent submission.   If you pay attention you will
observe that Gangaji is a master at distracting one’s earnest desire to
learn something with the deflecting challenge that the person who is
inquiring should seek out the source of who is doing the asking!    
That’s a cute parlor trick but to answer a question with a question
leaves the first question unanswered!   I am still waiting for you or
any of your so called “Awakened” colleagues to clearly state what the
hell Gangaji is actually teaching?

What I have observed occurring at all of Gangaji’s inappropriately
called “SatSanga’s” is that the audience is made up of very badly
informed young people who are so obsessed with the idea that they are
perfect just the way they are, that they are willing to bob their heads
in concurrence to whatever Gangaji says regardless of how silly,
unsubstantiated or illogical it may be simply because she perpetuates
the delusional fantasy that the individual is virtually non-different
then God almighty.    Yup. Tell a person they are God and you will get
lots of friends and followers… but their skin will still wrinkle and
their hair will still fall out!

Those who are more humble know that the human being is seriously
defective because of the four inherit flaws of: 1) Imperfect senses, 2)
Subject to Illusions, 3) Propensity to Cheat, and 4) The likelihood to
err.   The fact that somehow you were under the impression that my:
“Original Post… sounded to (you) as though I appreciated Eli and
Gangaji…” and that it “Did not sound as though (I was) trying to expose
Gangaj as a fraud” is proof positive that you can’t even trust your own
perceptions to serve you well! I have always considered their
performance to be a very destructive type of spiritual vaudeville
melodrama that not only dumbs down the person desiring to grow, but
entraps them into a catatonic stupor known by the euphemism of
“Spiritual Bliss.”

Feel Good Evidence?

So based on the easily observable flaws of every individual the honest
person is not so willing to blindly accept what Gangaji says just
because it makes them “Feel Good.” They know that drug dealers also
promises to help people “directly experience” how one can “Feel Good”
but those who are smart will ask: “What is the background of the person
making this offer? Who was their teacher and were did they get their
education from? What st the source of their alleged expertise? How do
they substantiate what they claim? What is the unifying characteristics
of those who choose to follow them?”

Your flippant dismissal of my critique of Gangaji’s home page clearly
reveals that you are currently too enamored by all of her word juggling
to give this type of simple investigation serious consideration.   
Excuse me for being so blunt but you are a blind follower, if not then
you could easily answer the types of questions I am raising in this
letter which I anticipate you will not respond to because doing so in
your view of the world would indulge my “theory and conceptualization!”
(The inability to to respond coherently would also become a real threat
to your current “Peace and Contentment” and that is must be preserved at
all costs!)    So instead, Gangaji rambles on about the self being and
illusion, life being a non-conceptual experience, and that “Truth”
cannot be bound by words, and you blindly accept everything without ever
asking… “According to whom?”

Flippant Dismissive Attitude and Evasive Answers

There are so many things you could ask Gangaji that would expose her as
a complete fraud, but doing so apparently requires more personal
integrity then you can currently muster so instead you live in the
narcissistic bubble of spiritual nihilism.   Where does morality fit
into Gangaji’s version of Nirvana? Apparently Eli can do whatever he
likes without censure and that’s just fine? Who makes the rules in
Ganga’s version of the truth… or does she relegate the concept of ethics
to the individual with the fairy tale idea that we will all somehow
magically or instinctively know and agree upon the difference between
right and wrong?   Does Gangaji have the guts to put her teachings to
the test by suggestion that technique to the people responsible for
establishing our national defense policy and how we should deal with
international terrorism?   You may be willing to accept Gangaji’s
version of Alice and Wonderland… but the rest of the world isn’t
interested in another fantasy “Feel Good” religion that has no practical
application in the world today.

Many Christians fail to adopt good moral discipline because they
believe “In their heart” heart that by accepting Jesus (Their version of
your claimed “Direct Experience”) He will do all that work for them!
The disciples of Gangaji achieve the same irresponsible negligence for
moral accountability by dismissing the whole world as a grand illusion
and dutifully focusing only on the Brahman aspect of creation.   This is
consistent with the bourgeois elitism that characterizes how Gangaji’s
disciples refuse to actually address these serious and legitimate
questions.    If you are so grateful to Gangaji for what she taught you,
then demonstrate that she taught you something worthwhile by sharing
with the world how you discern proper behavior from selfish behavior?   
Also please spare me the usual lame response of: “Well, you just know!”

Have you ever seriously asked Gangaji to explain what her understanding
is about the laws of Karma? What does she say about that and what does
she base her answers on…the Hollywood movie “Ghost” with Demi More and
Patrick Swayze?   Does she dismiss that query, as just another useless
“Belief?”   She is free to do that and promote her own self
contradicting oxymoronic “Non-Belief” beliefs as her own radical new
Belief system… but you are also free to call her bluff like millions of
others who are not impressed by such banal stupidity.

A real guru is able to properly explain to you the laws of Karma,
along with hundreds of other important questions with alacrity... not
rhetoric!    How does Gangaji suggest you escape the pangs of “Birth,
Death, Disease and Old Age,” or does she also evade those serious issues
as just more trivial “Religious Concepts?”    … and you just go along
with it all and blindly accept it as “True!?”

To dismiss everything I sent you as just “My Opinion” reveals that you
either didn’t read the Microsoft word attachment I sent you called
“Gangaji Exposed,” or if you did you demonstrate one of the common
characteristics of a Gangaji groupie… they are very unperceptive.
Either scenario adequately illustrates why you are content with such a
spiritual fraud instead of a bonfire guru who can properly explain to
you the laws of Karma based on the Vedas, and not some feeble
individual’s feelings, imagination, or hackneyed expressions to avoid
that responsibility. Ie: Point a Finger and Three Point Back At You.    
Is anyone even capable of having a serious conversation or are you all
still in grade school?   

You… Vrs. An Empire of The Greatest Saints Who Ever Lived!

You may obstinately avoid these fundamental points by demoting their
importance down to just my useless opinion, but that is just further
evidence of how you prefer to deny what is obvious to the rest of the
world. Of course it does require a little objective research to realize
that, which is why Ganaji understandably derides such inquiry as
completely unnecessary. But if you would agree to lift your head above
the surface of the sand, you would learn that the vast majority of
Inda’s population, including a huge list of extraordinary personalities
who have risen up in great spiritual status for the last five thousand
years, would stand behind everything I present and applaud it.   That’s
because my Expose it packed with numerous supporting quotes from the
Bhagavad Gita, India’s most sacred of all scriptures.   I have chosen
not to include them to support the points in this paper because you
contempt for such a effort is evident.    You may reject the Bhagavad
Gita as “Just Another Book” written by “Just Another Man” but that’s not
the opinion of nearly a billion other people who aren’t as shallow,
uninformed and arrogant as Gangaji is.

Gangaji, Eli, Papaji, and even Ramana Maharshi may demonstrate by
example that anyone can just stand up and say whatever makes them “Feel
Good”,… but no serious prophet, sage, philosopher or transcendentalist
would ever accept such an immature approach towards discerning what is
true! If you think that is an exaggerated statement, and are willing to
seriously consider even the possibility that it might be true despite
your current unwillingness to accept it, then I will be happy to provide
you the necessary material to prove it. I don’t expect you to believe
anything I might dream up, but I also don’t know how you can so
thoughtlessly dismiss such a line up of great thinkers based solely on
the flimsy unsubstantiated and speculative musings of Gangaji!

The point is that you seriously err to assume that my Expose of
Gagngahi is just “My Opinion.” It is solidly based on the opinions of a
long lineage of sages who blew right past Gangji’s sophomoric
understanding of: “The Truth” to arrive at the last stage of God
Realization that Gangaji is too self absorbed to be able to perceive and
therefore has no knowledge of.    If you are also too biased to grasp
the possibility that this statement is an easily verifiable fact, then
you will also not be able to recognize that it completely changes the
formula you have used to deny what you are at this time too conditioned
to accept.   

It’s not a difference of opinion between this unknown stranger who is
writing this communication and Gangaji. What we have here are the
“Opinions” of a proud woman that has made a business out of exploiting
the ignorance sentiments of the “Flower Power Post Hippie Generation,”
up against thousands of years of the most prominent aspects of Indian
culture punctuated by many generations of the greatest dynasties and
philosopher princes that ever lived on this earth!   

If the Bhagavad Gita, the Puranas and the Upanishads are too much for
those with stunted intelligence to comprehend, then I suggest you break
beyond your current stymied attitude and read the Mahabharata or the
Ramayana, and disregard Gangaj’s disparaging attitude that reading such
literature is another unnecessary waste of time! These are two of
Indias greatest Vedic summary studies and in them you will not find that
the Five extraordinary Pandavasa, Grandfather Bhishma, Prime Minster
Vidura, Sage Dronacharaya, Sri Laxman, Hanuman Ji, Babishan, and the
whole cast of other saintly characters say any of the utterly stupid and
empty things that Gangaji says.   No! They speak real philosophy, with
real substance, for real people, who live in a real world, and are
really interested in knowing what is true, with answers that have real
substantial and a rational application to real problems!

The Contentment Decoy

Did you ever consider that the peace and contentment you claim to be
experiencing might actually be a sideshow, or even a decoy, for
something far greater? If contentment is the only criteria you use to
measure what is true, the you would make a great spokes person for a
whole line of “Fell Good” drugs.   It also reveals that you are more
concerned about perpetuating your own comforts then in actually wanting
to learn what is “True.”   Even in the process of learning mundane
academics, there is often a lot of austerity and botheration required
before you can master a given skill.   The students who are only
interested in having fun drop out prematurely to chase illusive or
unrealistic dreams and end up paying dearly for their indiscretions
later.   Did it ever occur to you that you might be doing the exact same

One who is genuinely committed to knowing the truth is mature enough to
realize that such a quest might lead to many upsetting or disorienting
realizations.    For some, Eli’s foolish nonsense was adequate enough to
break the trance of beguiling happiness propped up by Gangaji’s own
cheap saying and the self serving partial truths she has a reputation
for plagiarizing from the Vedas.   

A Crisis Is an Opportunity

Some have accused me of intentionally striking while Gangaji does
damage control on Eli’s wanton behavior.   The implication is that I
have a sinister objective like a con-artist who preys on the loss
experienced by new widow.   This ignores my main assertion which is that
Gangaji has always been a cheap New-Age fraud regardless of Eli’s recent
indiscretions. The only difference is that now more people may be in a
better frame of mind to actually perceive how philosophically bankrupt
her apocryphal teachings are!

The universe is designed to interject upheavals into our lives for the
purpose of shaking us out of our torpid complicity.   We experience our
greatest spiritual growth when we are forced to re-think the principals
we currently hold true. This is particularly obvious when one faces
great personal tragedy, a death in the family, terminal illness, the
betrayal of a close friend, or the philandering of a lover.   You may
wish to postpone your own growth by clinging to your poorly propped up
understanding of Gangaji, but if you look around you will see that Eli’s
double standards have been the opening others needed to push on to a
deeper perception of what is true.   This is proven by some of the
earlier comments found on this blog and the fact that others have gone
out of their way to request the original nicely formatted “Gangaji
Expose” document from me directly.

Characteristics of A Guru

The undeniable fact is that the laws of karma and modes of nature are
always at work regardless of what Gangaji says, your friends think, or
YOU choose to believe.   As such it would behoove you to find someone
who could actually teach you about these very important subjects, then
to simply prance behind a charlatan that is leading you into what
appears to be a very beautiful, albeit somnolent poppy field, around a
false Emerald City.

In Sanskrit one of the definitions for Guru is “Heavy.”   They do not
play therapist and ask patients to sit on the couch for a loving
psychological dissection in front of an audience who sigh in
appreciation for their willingness to share.   Bona fide gurus cut thru
the biggest stupid illusions like the one Gangaji propagates which
implies that we can figure everything out for ourselves. Based on the
veracity of Vedic wisdom they chop such foolish nonsense right out of
the false ego with machete like dexterity to really prepare one for a
genuine spiritual education based on the sound philosophical check and
balance principal of Guru, Sastra, and Sadu.   They don’t make things up
along the way, nor do they rely on the type of cheap voidist placeboes,
pithy maxims and worn out clichés like Gangji spews out to the glee and
admiration of her equally superficial audience.   

For those who understand the soul and history of India, the Gangaji Eli
Comedy Hour can never come close to the illuminating conversations held
between the revered pious King Maharaja Pariksit and one of the only 12
Mahajhanas, (Great Personalities) that ever lived; the extraordinary
Sukadeva Gosvami. When they met to speak in the Namasaranya forrest
5000 years ago, it was attended by all the greatest sages of that day
and it continues to be lauded as one of the most profound discussions
about the origin, purpose and nature of the self that was ever had!    
How will you ever be able to objectively evaluate what Gangaji is
teaching if you aren’t even honest enough with yourself to measure it
against that lesson?

Ignorance is no excuse but laziness apparently is.   This monumental
historic discussion is recorded in the Srimad Bhagavata Purana but if
Gangaji has you convinced that books are just unnecessary useless props
for the spiritually week, then why does she write them?    Does she
really believe that her books are more profound and relevant then the
Purana which has earned the reputation and is offen called the “Ripened
Fruit” of all Indian Philosophy and Dharma?   Anyone who has the
audacity to even imply such a bodacious claim should set off all your
“Cheater” alarms if you have any brain left functioning!   If not then
you are doomed to waste millions of births playing in the sandbox of
material miseries masked by the mendacious façade of personal “Peace and
Contentment” that you can hide behind but the rest of us see right thru.

Club-Med Salvation?

Those who really want to know the truth will approach it with resolute
determination and wouldn’t limit it with the preconceived expectation
that it will be packaged in the form of “Club-Med Salvation” with double
latté served on the side. The pursuit of spiritual life is such a
serious matter that it requires the type of brutal honesty that not only
got Lord Christ nailed to the cross but it also gave Him the strength to
bear that tribulation with the dignity that continues to inspire people

There is no evidence that Gangaji, Eli, or any of her followers have
any real knowledge, or teach any form of austerity which are universally
accepted as the cornerstones of the real spiritual giants.   Therefore
it is certain that even though it may appear that they have some big
organization and lots of followers, there an many who see thru their
grand charade.   They are no doubt expert at bouncing words all over the
place but a careful analysis of the little they do say can all be
condensed down to their own speculative opinions based on what their own
flawed senses “Perceive” to be real.   That will attract a large flock
of uninformed groupies but that is a confirmation of good marketing, not
truth. As such it is only a matter of time before the universe sends
enough tribulations along your way for you to realize for yourself that
what you currently perceive to be a valuable gem is really only cheap
glass that you falsely accepted because you never learned how to
distinguish between the two.

I wish you no ill intent. My choice of hard hitting words is only a
triage attempt to restart your apparent apathy for cognitive reasoning.
If I can be of any further service in this regard then feel free to
contact me at your leisure.

mayesvara dasa               
American Vedic Association
Ojai California, 93023
(805) 640-0405 md @ jagannatha.com
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