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List Name ExoScience (ExoScience)
Purpose: "ExoScience" explores phenomena and mysteries that fall beyond the realm of
conventional science. Sample topics include, but are not limited to:

    - New, suppressed, or ancient science that expands the
      threshold of human knowledge.

    - Paranormal phenomena and bizarre events.

    - Environmental concerns, developments, and theories that
      affect the world in which we live.

    - Non-Terrestrial Intelligence (NTI), UFO sightings, and
      reports of similar or related phenomena.

    - Ancient mysteries and ancient civilizations.

    - Scientific anomalies and unexplained discoveries.

    - Macro/Micro philosophy and Metaphysics.

    - Human spirituality and the quest for enlightenment.

    - Hyperdimensional theory and tetrahedronal geometry.

    - Celebrities, authors, and "fringe" personalities relating
      to these topics (ie: William Bramley, Art Bell, Whitley
      Strieber, Richard Hoagland, Zecharia Sitchen, Jeff Rense,
      and others).

This group is an extended community of people who have a curiosity and an
interest in exploring the "edge" of human awareness and a desire to share
with others what they have found.

All postings and discussions that follow the spirit and general theme of
this group are welcome as long as they maturely recognize that others may
not necessarily agree.

    - Friendly exchanges are welcome, and encouraged!

    - Polite disagreements over points of view are allowed.

    - Petty arguments, bickering, and immaturity are NOT.

Political content, religious intolerance, and commercial postings are
disallowed. A general policy document for this group will be sent to you
when you join. Additional FAQs are posted regularly within the group.
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Created: Oct 06, 2002
Owner: Marduk
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