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Family Life Newsletter

by Jenny Baker

Think back to July 8, around midnight. Instead of sleeping peacefully in
your beds, how many of you found yourselves toting the kids to the
nearest bookstores, in hopes of obtaining one of the first copies of the newest Harry Potter book? Or maybe kids had nothing to do with your
midnight marauding -- maybe you wanted the book for yourself! (Having
just finished the first one, I can finally understand and appreciate the
anticipation the latest one caused!)

In case you are one of those Muggles who has been completely bewitched
by these books, you might be interested to talk about the series with
some folks your own age (or at least folks over 12). If so, join the
chat on the Harry Potter discussion list, where you can debate the
relative merits of all four of the books. Do you think "Goblet of Fire"
is way better than "Prisoner of Azkaban"? Maybe "Chamber of Secrets" was your favorite? Still sticking by "Sorcerer's Stone" as the best one of
all? Fellow list members can't wait to hear your opinions, and are happy
to share theirs on this most important of topics!

Haven't read any of these delightful tales yet? Forget about acting your
age, and go borrow it from your kid immediately! Better yet, read it
together. You know how good reading aloud to your kids is (expect more
on that subject tomorrow!).
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