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AmEx Be Gone!  Jenny Baker
 Oct 11, 2000 16:19 PDT 
Family Life Newsletter

by Jenny Baker (jen-@get.topica.com)

It's tough to pinpoint exactly when things got out of hand. A little
vacation here, a shopping spree there, covering emergency expenses once
in a while. These things add up, and the next you know, you're chatting
it up with the credit card collection folks more frequently than you
hear from your closest family and friends. They're nice people and all,
but really, you might quickly find yourself wanting to cut back on your
relationship with them. It's kind of unhealthy.

Debt is very stressful, as anyone who's ever made a few mistakes with
credit cards knows. And once it's there, it can often seem nearly
impossible to dig yourself out. But it isn't impossible, really. It is a
slow process -- sadly, it takes a lot more time to get out of debt than
it takes to get into it. It's unpleasant too, in that it usually draws
heavily on your reserves of will power, and involves changing your
spending habits. But it is worth doing, and you can get help from the
Armchair Millionaire web site.

The Indebted would do well to check out Mandy Wilhelm's article "I'm
Ditching Debt for Good" on the Millionaire web site. There, you will
find a step-by-step outline on eliminating debt from your life. Learn
how to get started, how to keep going, and some ideas on making the most
of the extra cash you'll have as soon as you're no longer remitting
every spare cent to some evil credit card conglomerate. Consider it your
armchair 12-step program (except with only five doable steps) to
becoming debt free.

That's enough out of me. Now you go get started on getting out of debt

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